Big Brother crowns winner of 2023 series

Big Brother 2023 live final spoilers follow.

Big Brother has officially crowned its 2023 winner.

Presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best announced the exciting news that Jordan had won the £100,000 grand prize during Friday night's live final after nearly six million votes were cast.

"I haven't the foggiest [idea why the public voted for me] but I'm delighted they did," Jordan said in his exit interview, adding: "The money will be nice, won't it?"

Earlier in the night, it was revealed that Noky finished in fifth place, Yinrun came in fourth, Henry had a third-place finish and the runner-up for this series was Olivia.

big brother winner jordan with aj odudu and will best

"I'm feeling speechless, which is very rare for me," Noky told AJ and Will following her exit from the house.

Yinrun was out next, and she explained to AJ and Will: "Through the process, all of my housemates talked to me and supported me along the way. Every single one of them... I learned so much!"

big brother final yinrun

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Henry shared one final kiss with Jordan before leaving the house, though Jordan joked he wouldn't "say the L-word" just yet.

"It's been amazing. I can't imagine my experience in there without [Jordan]. He's such a funny, dry person," Henry told AJ and Will.

Asked about his future with Jordan, Henry said: "We have a New York trip planned. We're going to go to Florence... We've just got all these plans. It's going to help us know going forward."

big brother henry at live final

Jordan was reluctant to answer when AJ and Will quizzed him on the love triangle between himself, Henry and Matty.

"Well, the thing is we didn't even know the love triangle was a thing until it became a thing. Must we talk about this now? What I will say is that, in there, you get very bored and the eyes do wander," he said.

Quizzed on what's next with Henry, he revealed: "Henry and I made a promise, whoever wins... we'll go to a five-star hotel. Somewhere decent!"

big brother winner jordan

Olivia insisted her relationship with Paul was purely platonic in the house, saying: "He literally is me in male form. It's terrifying... I have never met someone who is me in so many ways!"

It has been an eventful last week in the Big Brother house, as the Final Reckoning culled the housemates down to a top five for finale night.

The first to face Big Brother's wrath were Trish Balusa and Chanelle Bowen last Friday night, followed by another double eviction on Tuesday where Jenkin Edwards and Tom Bryant were shown the door.

big brother olivia at final

The evictions finally came to a head in Thursday night's penultimate episode, where Matty Simpson was voted out of the Big Brother house with only hours to go before the final.

If you're already missing Big Brother, there is good news as ITV previously confirmed another season is already in the works for 2024.

Plus, ITV made a huge announcement last week that it would be bringing back Celebrity Big Brother next year – and the show would be making the jump from ITV2 to ITV1!

big brother finalists henry, noky, yinrun, olivia, jordan
Shutterstock for Big Brother

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ITV said in a statement: "Celebrity Big Brother will see a new cast of famous faces isolated from the outside world as they embark on the ultimate social experiment, taking up residence in the iconic Big Brother house.

"Leaving luxury behind, the celebrities will take part in weekly nominations and tough tasks with cameras capturing their every move. Who will win the hearts of the nation, go all the way to the finish line and be crowned the winner?"

Big Brother will return next year on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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