Big Brother's Angela Clancy Not Actually Evicted: 'I'm Going To Come Back Like A Fireball'

Alicia Vrajlal

She may have been voted out by her fellow housemates, but ’Big Brother Australia’s Angela Clancy isn’t leaving the game soon thanks to a sneaky BB twist.

“Whoever nominated me better watch out because I’m going to come back tenfold,” Angela told HuffPost Australia on Tuesday, referring to her stay in a secret bunker in upcoming episodes. 

“I’m going to come back like a fireball. I might forgive but I don’t forget.” 

'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy (Photo: Channel 7)

On Tuesday night Angela, Chad Hurst and Marissa Rancan were all nominated for eviction, but it was Angela who received the most votes to leave. She had been a target for nomination after winning subsequent challenges earlier in the week. 

However, Big Brother didn’t quite show her the door out, instead inviting her to a multi-day stay in a secret bunker where she will ‘plot revenge’.


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“Angela, for the next few days this will be your new home,” Big Brother told her. “Get comfortable and begin plotting your revenge.” 

“When he said the journey’s not over and in front of me the doors opened to the bunker, I was like, ‘No, no you’ve got to be kidding’,” Angela said of her initial shock and disbelief.

The secret Big Brother bunker where Angela will stay (Photo: Channel 7 )

“Then I went in the bunker and there was more tea,” she explained, saying she thought to herself, “I’m going to use this time, I’m going to drink all this tea and I’m going to get my power back”. 

Angela’s game plan will play out when ‘Big Brother Australia’ returns on Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 7.


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