Big Bang Theory boss has update on new spin-off show

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Big Bang Theory boss teases spin-off showCBS

The Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck Lorre has offered an update on a long-awaited new spin-off show.

With current spin-off Young Sheldon near its seventh season on air, it had been announced that a new show set in the Big Bang Theory universe was in early development for streaming service Max.

No details about the cast or even the plot were revealed at the time, and now we know why. In an interview with TVLine, Lorre confirmed the project is in a "prenatal" stage.

"You don’t talk about the birth until the second trimester, I believe, is the rule. That’s a long way of saying no, I’ve got nothing to say about it other than it’s something that we are discussing," the writer-producer said.

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At the time the project was first announced, there were reports it would have a brand new cast while maintaining the possibility for former Big Bang Theory stars to eventually appear.

That could put it into a similar lane as the recent Netflix series That 90's Show or the recently-cancelled How I Met Your Father, where legacy cast members complimented a fresh story and cast.

The Big Bang Theory wrapped after 12 seasons in 2019, and branched off with the prequel series Young Sheldon about the childhood of star Jim Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper.

At the same time that Young Sheldon debuted, Lorre confirmed a second spin-off was in the works before ultimately being scrapped before it even finished the development stage.

"Unless there was a creative reason to do it – a wonderfully, wonderfully creative reason to do it – then the only reason [to do it] is economics, and that’s not good enough,” he told TVLine at the time.

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“This is hard work. And if you’re going to do it, you gotta love what you’re doing; you’ve gotta be passionate about it. And if you’re just chasing money, that’s not enough.”

The Big Bang Theory airs in the UK on E4.

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