Biden to sign security agreement with Ukraine, sending ‘signal of our resolve’ to Russia

President Biden will sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine during a Thursday meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, sending what a top White House official called a “signal of our resolve” to Russia almost two and a half years into the war.

The two leaders will sign the pact, which will pledge continued defense and security cooperation, during a sit down at the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Italy, national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One.

“Our goal here is straightforward. We want to demonstrate that the U.S. supports the people of Ukraine, that we stand with them, and that we’ll continue to help address their security needs, not just tomorrow but out into the future,” Sullivan said.

Biden is scheduled to meet Thursday with Zelensky. The two will hold a press conference following their discussions.

The agreement will outline a vision for how the U.S. and its allies can work with Ukraine to strengthen its ability to defend itself against Russia and deter future aggression by Moscow.

Sullivan said the pact will make clear that the White House intends to work with Congress to find a path for sustainable resources for Ukraine, a potentially challenging goal given Republican resistance to continued aid for Kyiv.

The agreement also makes clear there is no commitment for U.S. forces to join the fight in Ukraine, Sullivan said.

“By signing this, we’ll also be sending Russia a signal of our resolve,” Sullivan said. “If [Russian President] Vladimir Putin thinks he can outlast the coalition supporting Ukraine, he’s wrong. He just cannot wait us out and this agreement will show our resolve and continued commitment.”

Biden has made a point during each of his international trips to highlight the unified front the U.S. and its allies have shown in supporting Ukraine, and that topic is again likely to be central to this week’s events at the G7.

Leaders is Europe are reportedly deeply alarmed about former President Trump’s potential return to the White House and what that would mean for Ukraine support and broader Western alliances. Trump has promised to end the Ukraine war almost immediately upon entering office, though he has offered few specifics about what a peace deal might look like.

Biden is skipping a Ukraine peace summit being held Saturday in Switzerland to return home for a major fundraiser in California. Vice President Harris will attend in his place.

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