Biden campaign touts ad highlighting abortion bans after Supreme Court’s Idaho ruling

President Biden’s reelection campaign is touting an ad that centers on states that have imposed abortion bans in the immediate wake of a Supreme Court decision Thursday that dismissed a case involving emergency abortion procedures in Idaho.

The ad features Dr. Lauren Miller, whom a campaign spokesperson said fled the state in the wake of Idaho’s abortion ban. At the heart of the Supreme Court case was the matter of whether state hospitals that receive federal funding could be allowed to perform emergency abortions in cases where a mother’s health was at risk even though the state bans almost all abortions.

The court dismissed the case, siding with the Biden administration, which means doctors in Idaho will be able to perform emergency abortions despite state-level restrictions while the case is being litigated.

The one-minute Biden campaign ad entitled “At 2 AM” is narrated by Miller, a high-risk obstetrician. In it, she blames former President Trump for the Supreme Court decision that triggered the overturning of Roe v. Wade and led to states across the nation restricting access to abortions.

Trump appointed three justices during his first term, which tilted the court 6-3 in favor of conservatives, whose votes delivered the landmark overturning.

The Biden campaign is also set to air another ad focused on abortion during the first presidential debate against former President Trump on Thursday night, a source familiar with the matter told The Hill.

The ad featuring Miller tells a story from the perspective of a doctor working in an emergency room and the fears of being charged with a felony for helping women who may need emergency abortions due to major health risks, including infertility.

“Because of abortion bans, women’s lives are at risk. Physicians can be tried with a felony, for saving that women’s life too early,” Miller said in the ad.

“These laws are truly barbaric; they are putting us back decades, if not centuries. Donald Trump did this, he put women’s lives in danger,” Miller said. “This election is the most important election of my generation and my daughter’s generation. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will protect our fundamental rights.”

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