Beyond Paradise surprises with format twist

humphrey and esther in beyond paradise s02e04
Beyond Paradise surprises with format twistJoss Barratt - BBC

Beyond Paradise spoilers follow.

Beyond Paradise has surprised viewers with a new animated twist.

During tonight's (April 12) episode, DI Humphrey Goodman and the officers at Shipton Abbot police station were tasked with investigating the disappearance of a Catholic priest from a local boarding school.

With the priest mysteriously last seen marching on the beach, which Humphrey and Esther Williams soon learn that his disappearance has similarities to a local legend titled 'The Devil on the Rocks'.

During one scene, a superstitious Margo Martins recounts the tale to the group in a candlelit police station, with the show using a clever animation sequence to illustrate the sequence.

beyond paradise s02e04 animated sequence

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Viewers at home were delighted by the unique visuals used to depict the story, sharing their thoughts on X (formerly Twitter). "Oooh spooky animation!" one viewer wrote, while another added: "Wow the production on this episode is amazing."

"This episode is awesome, full touches of gothic horror and the animation, we need to see more of it," a third wrote.

beyond paradise s02e04 animated sequence

The Beyond Paradise account also shared some behind the scenes details about the animated sequence, revealing that it was created by an animation student called Imtithal Rafi.

"Obsessed with that Devil on the Rocks animation!" they wrote. "We commissioned animation student Imtithal Rafi from Arts University Plymouth to put that together, and absolutely love what she did with it."

humphrey goodman in beyond paradise s02e04
Joss Barratt - BBC

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Elsewhere in the episode, Martha's mother Anne discovered a chilling revelation about her new boyfriend "Richard" after planning to surprise him at an art gallery event - a twist which won't come as a surprise to suspicious viewers.

After sharing a heartfelt moment with Martha about her feelings for Richard, she was horrified to learn that not only was he actually called Peter, but he was also a married man.

Anne was of course left horrified by the revelation, storming out of the gallery before shutting down a mortified "Richard" as he tried to explain himself. "Was any of it real or were you just stringing me along the whole time?," she demanded, before driving away.

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, both air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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