Beyoncé debuts brunette hair transformation for the winter season

beyonce brown hair
Beyoncé debuts new brunette hair for winterKevin Mazur - Getty Images

Don't get me wrong, I love blonde Beyoncé. The star sported some of her blondest locks ever through the historic Renaissance movement... sorry, I mean tour (no I don't). While the styles changed, wowed and dazzzzzled, we were treated to vanilla dreams of cascading hair for most of the tour. And the silver palette that came to define the tour? Boy, it was art.

But now, just in time for winter, the queen has blessed us with a return to the buttery, caramel-y browns of her signature hues. Honestly, it's warmed our cockles on this frosty grey day. I can practically feel my pupils dilating.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and sharing the trailer for the Renaissance tour film, Bey's hair combined a soft dark brown root and underside, with caramel latte lengths. And of course, a little honey running through the top layers like sun-kissed beams of joy and light. I'm not exaggerating, it's Beyoncé we're talking about here.

If we weren't already twitching for more on her upcoming beauty brand, teased in May, we're practically flailing now. It hasn't been confirmed that it's a hair brand but it certainly looks that way from the announcement and I mean, come on... just look at her hair.

As someone who has met Beyoncé (yes, I will shoehorn this info in at every opportunity I get), I can confirm her hair – and the rest of her – is as magical as you dream.

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