'Betrayed': Schoolgirl expelled over admission to classmate

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A girl has been expelled from school for admitting to a fellow student she had a crush on her, her mum says.

Chloe Shelton, 8, was expelled from Rejoice Christian School, in the US state of Oklahoma, after four years due to the school’s beliefs on same sex relationships, CNN reports.

Delanie Shelton, Chloe’s mum, told CNN the vice-principal told her daughter “the Bible says that women can only have children with a man”.

Ms Shelton claims the vice-principal asked her about homosexuality to which she said she has “no issues with it”.

Chloe went home and was told not to come back to school on Friday. The superintendent then contacted the family and told them they were "ending their partnership" due to different beliefs, and expelled Chloe’s five-year-old brother too, Ms Shelton said.

Chloe Shelton, 8, is pictured.
Chloe Shelton, 8, was expelled from school for telling another girl she had a crush on her, according to her mum. Source: Fox 23

"I was so blindsided. I was angry, hurt, betrayed, sad... so many different emotions. I just couldn't believe it," she told CNN.

The mum pointed out Chloe saying she has a crush on another girl doesn’t necessarily mean she’s homosexual.

Superintendent Joel Pepin declined to comment on the matter due to privacy reasons.

However, the school’s handbook states students shouldn’t engage in public displays of affection, and any form of “sexual immorality” such as "professing to be homosexual/bisexual” goes against its beliefs.

To compromise on this means students forfeit their enrolment.

Rejoice Christian School is pictured.
Rejoice Christian School won't comment on the matter but its handbook states students shouldn't show public signs of affection. Source: Fox 23

Why the school could be sued

Lawyer Daniel Smolen told Fox 23 the school could face legal action in expelling Chloe.

Mr Smolen said this is because the school received Covid-19 funding.

”Once they receive those funds they really open themselves up to Title IX liability for that type of liability,” Mr Smolen told Fox 23.

“And beyond that you have state law claims of emotional distress that they won’t be shielded from.”

Mr Smolen said under Title XI schools can’t discriminate by race, gender or sexual orientation.

He added the school, however, can argue Chloe’s actions violated the handbook.

The school is yet to publicly comment.

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