Amazon is having a massive sale this weekend — here are the highlights, starting at just $7

Izabella Zaydenberg and Rudie Obias
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We don't know for a fact that everybody's working for the weekend, but Amazon sure is — to bring us these deals. (Photo: Getty Images)
We don't know for a fact that everybody's working for the weekend, but Amazon sure is — to bring us these deals. (Photo: Getty Images)

When's the last time you treated yourself? If you can't remember, it's been too long. And besides: Don't you deserve a little something fun to ring in the warm weather?

Amazon is having a massive weekend-long sale on just about everything treat-yourself-worthy — we're talking markdowns on TVs, tech, fashion, beauty, even robot vacuums! Whether you're thinking of getting yourself a little spirit-raising indulgence or have resolved to make some bigger-ticket upgrades, there are plenty of options for all needs and any budget.

And oh yeah: If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping. Not yet a member? Don't go having a conniption; you can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Ready? Set? Let's shop!


Who deserves a home-theater experience in their bedroom, den or office? You do! (Photo: Amazon)
Who deserves a home-theater experience in their bedroom, den or office? You do! (Photo: Amazon)

Let's start with a big-ticket item at a small-ticket price, shall we? On sale for $260 (was $320), the Insignia 43-inch 4K TV — Fire TV Edition features vivid colors and exceptional picture quality — both of which are four-leaf-clover rare in this price range. It really stands out among its peers. The audio, too, is head-of-the-class. 

Meanwhile, this 4K model lets you stream 4K movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, Sling TV and more without a separate streaming box or stick. And the best part? Alexa is accessible via the remote.

"...I have a Fire Stick and am familiar with the interface and this being built into the TV makes it a lot easier," raved a delighted five-star reviewer. "Prime Videos that are available in 4K seem to automatically play at the highest resolution...It's great that this switches easily between streaming and the cable input. You get everything you'd want - great color, awesome clarity, sharp picture and good audio without spending too much.

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Headphones and earbuds

These are almost too pretty to wear. Almost. (Photo: Amazon)
These are almost too pretty to wear. Almost. (Photo: Amazon)

The Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, which are on sale for $199, or $150 off at Amazon, mix style and performance in one sleek design. These are Beats’ premium noise-canceling cans (that's right; we're using professional-audiophile-speak, cuz these are that good) that work seamlessly with just about any Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It’s almost like magic how they sync to your Apple products, thanks to Apple’s W1 chip for instant pairing. 

And they're ideal for taking on the road. "These are the best headphones I’ve ever had," raved one happy wanderer. "I travel 99 percent of the time for work and am on planes twice a week. I am exhausted and don’t want to talk to people. These are perfect for when you are anti-social on the plane and at the airport. They’re a beautiful color too, and the battery life is awesome at 22 hours. Also, the noise canceling is amazing. Definitely worth the money!"

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Smartphones and tablets

FYI, this TCL has HD LCD and, GPS, and this price is a bit of TLC for your wallet. (Photo: Amazon)
FYI, this TCL has HD LCD and, GPS, and this price is a bit of TLC for your wallet. (Photo: Amazon)

You might know TCL as a TV maker, but did you know the tech company also makes wallet-friendly smartphones? It's true! And this weekend, you can score the TCL 10L Android smartphone for just $175, or $75 at Amazon. This is a 30 percent savings and the all-time lowest price ever on this super-popular model. How popular? So popular that it has earned a perfect rating from more than 1,400 reviewers. Is that popular, or what?

Here's what you'll get: The TCL 10 L is equipped with 6GB of memory and 64GB of storage; it also comes with a 6.53-inch Full HD LCD display that’s super-sharp and bright. It's also upgradable to Android 10 out-of-the-box and features a Quad-rear camera system with a 48-megapixel high resolution lens, an eight-megapixel super wide-angle lens, two-megapixel macro shooter and two-megapixel depth lens with an five-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and selfies. That's what we call photogenic! For extra security and paranoia satiation, the TCL 10L has a fingerprint sensor on its back.

"Awesome bang for your buck.... I love this phone!" shared a savvy shopper. "I was a little nervous because the price is so reasonable, but its a killer phone. I've had a TCL TV for a long while now so I was just hoping that the quality would carry over, and it seems to be the case. The fingerprint reader is quick and seems to work well when my hands are even a little damp. I use it mainly for GPS, Spotify, and YouTube...Battery life so far is great..."

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All three Bioshocks for the price of one? We're game. Har. (Photo: Amazon)
All three Bioshocks for the price of one? We're game. Har. (Photo: Amazon)

Just because warmer temps mean more outdoor frolicking doesn't mean you won't be hankering for a gaming hunker-down from time to time. On sale for $20 (down from $50), BioShock: The Collection features all three games in the popular franchise: Bioshock Remastered, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. These fun-tastic games explore futuristic science fiction worlds underwater and above the clouds.

"One of the best video game trilogies of modern gaming," shared a delighted gamer. "All three games play and look fantastic, and 2K has done a great job with the attention to detail with all of them. I’ve had zero performance issues."

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Smart home

"Don't you sass me, electrical outlet!" Just kidding — this is the <em>good</em> kind of "smart." (Photo: Amazon)
"Don't you sass me, electrical outlet!" Just kidding — this is the good kind of "smart." (Photo: Amazon)

Isn't there enough stupidity in the world? Must we tolerate it from our electrical outlets too? On sale for $15 (was $25), the Amazon Smart Plug — which can easily syncs with the Echo Dot — is a small doodad that fits between a power socket and an appliance like a coffee maker, TV or lamp and enables you to operate said device through a smartphone app or a smart-home hub. Finally!

The Amazon Smart Plug empowers you to take care of everyday drudgery like turning off the lights without getting up from the couch or brewing java from bed in the morning with almost no effort. 

"Got this smart plug so I can remotely turn appliances and lights on and off in an Alzheimer's patient's home," shared a satisfied Amazon shopper. "I can remotely make sure things are off by simply [using] the Amazon Alexa app — super simple to use and really helps me out. Now I don't have to drive over there to make sure the lights, AC or TV are off. Thank you!"

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Tell your friends
Tell your friends "Kyvol's inside cleaning the floors" and they'll think you can afford a Baltic housekeeper. (Photo: Amazon)

If you think that wall plug was clever, get a load of this brainiac: Unlike many other robot vacuums that just suck up dirt, grime, crumbs and pet hair, the Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner — on sale for $199, or $100 off with on-page coupon at Amazon — can also mop up messes (with its included wet mop attachment) with up to 150 minutes of battery life per charge. We were gonna call it the jack-of-all-trades of floor cleaning, but nay, nay, it's the king!

"I absolutely love this robot vacuum," exclaimed a happy Amazon shopper. "I use to hate vacuuming and mopping the was such a chore that I just didn’t have time for. Now with this robot, I have time to do other things while it does all the work and does a great job at it!"

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Work from home

In psychoanalysis, projection&#39;s not so good. In home entertainment, though, it&#39;s the bomb! (Photo: Amazon)
In psychoanalysis, projection's not so good. In home entertainment, though, it's the bomb! (Photo: Amazon)

Movie night in the backyard? Don't mind if we do! On sale for $200 with the on-page coupon, the Vankyo Leisure HD Digital Projector is small yet mighty, with 1,500 lumens of brightness and Full HD resolution at 1080p. It can project movies up to 18 feet high on a flat surface, like a projection screen, a wall, a ceiling or even a big bed sheet. It also makes for a great computer monitor alternative. Imagine your desktop displayed this big — you can cut out the middleman and make your online dating profile as big as a billboard!

Dual speakers turn out superb audio — though you might want to connect portable speakers for a little more power when watching outdoors. We love that its cooling fan is nearly silent, and shoppers are raving about the sharp picture quality.

"Vankyo 530w is a great projector in terms of quality, operability and looks," shared a savvy Amazon shopper. "...Very easy to connect with laptop and phone (through Wi-Fi)....Overall, I would say that, in this price range, this is among the best projectors to buy."

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Show that bowlful of soon-to-be-delicious ingredients who&#39;s boss...and save $TK doing it. (Photo: Amazon)
Show that bowlful of soon-to-be-delicious ingredients who's boss...and save $70 doing it. (Photo: Amazon)

Want to become the prince of pancakes? The sovereign of souffles? The majordomo of meringues? This small-but-mighty mixer can whisk cream, egg whites, dough, batter — wherever your culinary fancy takes you. It boasts nine speed settings, automatic calibration, whisper-quiet scraper beaters, and an ultra-comfortable design....not to mention a detachable storage compartment to make sure you don't lose the plentiful accessories and attachments.

"What was I doing all my life using any other mixer like a sucker?!!" one spiritually awakened shopper shared. "This mixer is great—the timer turns on once you start, so there's no setting a separate timer or staring at the clock, and the rubber-coated beaters are a revelation. I haven't used any of the other two attachments (whisks or a bread-kneader type of attachment) but from what I have used, I love, love, love this mixer."

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You&#39;re just a coupla clicks away from hydration, regneration, fascination. (Photo: Amazon)
You're just a coupla clicks away from hydration, regneration, fascination. (Photo: Amazon)

All our lives you've been hearing that you need to take your vitamins. Isn't it time someone told your face? This luxe moisturizer is jam-packed with Vitamin B3 and extra-strength retinol, so it delivers serious anti-aging benefits in a rich, hydrating formula It keeps your skin moisturized for a full 24 hours, so apply it in the evening and make your nighttime skin care routine last well into the next day. It's also fragrance-free, so it's gentle on sensitive skin.

"I use this before bed on my face and neck/chest," one shopper shared. "It has an added benefit of extra exfoliation. It simply works to keep me looking at least 10 years younger!!"

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Get some serious back while putting your best foot forward. (Photo: Amazon)
Get some serious back while putting your best foot forward. (Photo: Amazon)

Leggings are the staple-iest of wardrobe staples; you really can't have too many pairs! We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to your repertoire. This squat-proof pair features a flattering high-rise waist (tummy control!) and four-way stretch that feels like a second skin. Wear them to work out, hang around the house, pop out to the store, what-have-you. These are seven bucks off and available in 38 (count 'em, 38) colors. Oh, and here's a happy surprise: They have pockets!

"I’ve been searching for a LONG time on Amazon for the perfect leggings," one connoisseur shared. "I wanted high quality like the expensive Lululemon or P’tula without spending a lot of money. After returning many leggings from other sellers, I came across these. I work out a lot and these by far are the most comfortable to work out in! They def pass the squat test, are not see-through at ALL, and have convenient pockets that I didn’t think I needed but love."

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Health and wellness

It&#39;s like a day at the spa for your electronic doodads. (Photo: Amazon)
It's like a day at the spa for your electronic doodads. (Photo: Amazon)

Let's talk about electronic hygiene. When's the last time you cleaned your phone — and we're not just talking all those apps you never use. Somewhere between "rarely" and "never," we'd guess. Well, time to get on that. This Samsung Qi Wireless Charger uses a SGS UV-C light to effectively sanitize your cell, killing over 99 percent of the nasties living on its surface. You can use it to disinfect pens, watches, keys, anything that'll fit. And at half off, it's an absolute steal.

"I have sanitized my phone, mask, keys, and remotes!" a shopper shared. "It is amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone worried about COVID-19. It gives me peace of mind."

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Wedges: They&#39;re not just for footwear, cheese and iceberg lettuce anymore! (Photo: Amazon)
Wedges: They're not just for footwear, cheese and iceberg lettuce anymore! (Photo: Amazon)

Who doesn't love reading, watching TV, or tooling away on a laptop in bed? Who hasn't struggled to find a posture that's more reclining than sitting in a chair but firmer than lying on a pillow? Well, this comfy wedge is the Goldilocks solution you've been waiting for. As a backrest or headrest, you'll find plenty of ways to make it suit your comfort preferences. A godsend for heartburn sufferers and wake-the-neighborhood snorers, you can also prop your knees up on it for back-flattening relief. Time to clean? Just throw the cover in the wash! But first you have to buy one...and now it's $30 off!

"I never knew what I was missing, until I bought this fantastic addition," one shopper reported. "The only problem is that I don't want to get up anymore. It's turned me into a complete couch potato. Perfect elevation for my legs, and the fact that it's so adjustable makes me love it even more. SUPER SOFT and so comfortable."

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Remember, every minute your kitty spends being frustrated with this is a minute they won&#39;t be clawing away at your upholstery. (Photo: Amazon)
Remember, every minute your kitty spends being frustrated with this is a minute they won't be clawing away at your upholstery. (Photo: Amazon)

Whether your kitty's play style runs toward chasing, swatting, or discovery, this toy fulfills all those primal urges. Three tiers of spinning balls make for hours of feline fun. And mystification: She'll forever wonder why, swat as she may, the magical orbs never seem to run off their tracks. And at more than half off, it's a downright steal.

"My cat LOVES this," one shopper shared. "I honestly was not expecting her to like it as much as she did. She started playing with it as soon as it came out of the box...There's even a nifty little safety bar so she doesn't get her head stuck in the middle."

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