My best sex ever was when I cheated on my boyfriend at a party

smiling woman embracing boyfriend during party in night club
My best sex ever? When I cheated on my boyfriendThomas M. Barwick INC

My boyfriend and I had hit a rough patch and were trying to work things out. We were both making more of an effort to spend time together, so one evening we headed to party. What I didn’t realise was that these plans would culminate in me having the best one-night stand of my life, behind his back.

I walked into the party wearing a little black dress and heels, and it was then that I met Carter*. Our eyes locked from across the room and I’d never felt electricity like it. This wasn’t love at first sight, it was better… it was lust.

When my boyfriend was busy mingling with his friends, I made my way towards Carter. He was tall, blonde, and had the most chiseled jawline I’d ever seen. If I’m honest, he looked like a typical fuckboi, and the way he smirked at me with reckless abandon told me he knew he looked good.

couple cuddling in the bedroom

Everyone else seemed oblivious to our chemistry. To them, we were just talking, but there was a glimmer in Carter’s eyes when he looked at me that confirmed he wanted more. We stepped outside for a quiet moment, all the while edging closer and closer to each other. The tension was palpable between us.

After what felt like a lifetime of flirting and ‘accidental’ touches, he finally kissed me. It felt like the world stopped spinning, and for a moment I forgot that I even came with my boyfriend. Our lips crashed together with urgency as he laid me down on the grass and gently moved down, kissing my neck. People started spilling out from the party, and we quickly stood up and brushed ourselves off before heading indoors to find somewhere more private.

He followed me up the stairs, and we fell into one of the bedrooms kissing and touching each other anywhere we could manage. We made it to the bed and I climbed on top of him, grinding on his boner, which was now rock hard. I had never cheated before, and certainly wasn’t proud of what I was doing, but it was as if an invisible tether was pulling me towards Mr. Killer Jawline and I couldn’t pull away.

We couldn’t tear each other’s clothes off quickly enough and soon he was between my thighs. Just as I thought I couldn’t be any more turned on, he told me how good I tasted. My legs began to shake, and I pulled him up to kiss me once more.

I started to go down on him, wrapping my lips around his shaft. But it wasn’t enough, I wanted him closer. He finally eased himself inside me, my mouth on his shoulder to prevent me from screaming the house down. But before either of us could finish, someone walked in on us. We quickly got changed and discreetly slipped out of the bedroom before anyone else – including my boyfriend – noticed us.

A few days later, Carter texted me. He told me he couldn’t stop thinking about me, and wanted to finish what we started. I knew I couldn’t see him again, but it was the sign I needed and I ended things with my boyfriend. Even though I’m now in a healthy and loving relationship with someone else and my ex is long gone, I find myself thinking about that night often. Are all one-night stands this good?

*Name has been changed

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