The Best Recipes, Crafts And More Hacks We Tried This Week (March 30-April 3)

Lindsay Holmes

There’s no “right” way to navigate this coronavirus pandemic — everyone lives and copes differently. That being said, fostering a sense of community may make getting through this time a little bit easier.

Enter this weekly guide. Every Sunday, we’ll bring you a short list of products, routines, workouts, recipes, apps and other things we tried the previous week that are making life easier during this universally stressful time. Take a look at this week’s suggestions below:

Routine Recommendations

Kristen Aiken, our food and style editor, put her craft skills to work and made face masks.

Making crafts for other people

I’m a maker and I stay the sanest when I can keep my hands busy (less time to stew in my dark thoughts!), so I’ve used self-isolation to churn out sweater after sweater after sweater. I have even made an entire quilt out of my dad’s old shirts since lockdown began. But those projects felt a little meaningless because they weren’t helping the greater good.

So this past week, when it became clear that we all should wear masks when we need to leave the house, HuffPost published a tutorial on how to sew your own mask, and another on how to make your own no-sew masks. Since then, I’ve sewn several masks for myself, friends, family and even some new nurse friends that I met through Instagram. This is a new kind of productivity that’s helping me feel like I’m finally able to contribute something helpful, which is great for my emotional well-being. ― Kristen Aiken, Senior Editor, Food & Style

Taking a virtual class or lesson

I’m taking virtual guitar lessons and I’ve found that focusing my energy on trying to get better at something is really helping my anxiety this week. This is not to say we all need to be spending this time bettering ourselves ― I so do not subscribe to that notion ― but for me, it’s been more about focusing on something I’m not necessarily getting right and throwing my energy into getting better. It’s frustrating at times, but it feels kind of nice to be pissed off...

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