Dad's home! Little girl cries tears of joy when soldier father surprises her for birthday

Yahoo UK

This is the heartwarming moment a little girl got her soldier father back just in time for her birthday.

Eight-year-old Paloma had no idea her dad Jesus Larios was home after spending months on a mission based out in Yitubi, Somalia, to stop pirates.

And her shock was clear to all when a now-bearded Jesus dressed up in his army clothes to surprise his youngdaughter.

Paloma Larios couldn’t hide her joy at seeing her dad inside the box. Photo: Yahoo UK

Footage of the emotional moment shows her excited mum jumping around in the background in anticipation before going to get the birthday girl, who comes running out in her pink party dress surrounded by friends.

She is then presented with a box and gets help from her friends to unwrap the giant present.

When the lid pops open and she spots her dad, Paloma immediately bursts into happy tears and jumps into his arms.

The clearly emotional dad gives his little girl a massive hug before pulling her into the box where she stays clinging onto him, crying into his shoulder and repeating the words “Papa, my papa.”

The tear-jerking reunion was captured at Paloma’s party, in the city of Seville, Spain.

Jesus Larios was hiding in the box after spending months abroad. Photo: Yahoo UK

Dad Jesus Larios, 35, who had been on a mission at sea for the European Union, said: “When I told her I was not going to be able to be there for her birthday party, she got sad.

“The last 14 months I have been away from home for seven. She has noticed it, she gets sad when we talk through Skype. She always said that she misses me a lot.”

Speaking of the emotional reunion he added: “I have to confess that I burst into tears. She thought that inside the box was an electric scooter but then she got me.

Paloma jumped into the box to hug her dad. Photo: Yahoo UK

“She just kept telling me she didn’t care about the scooter and that the biggest and best surprise was getting me back.”