Best friends become instant millionaires with scratchie win

Two best mates have each pocketed more than $1 million after sharing a winning lottery entry.

Wyatt Close and Brandon Thompson stopped off at a store in Lebanon in the US state of Tennessee last Friday.

Mr Close decided to buy some lottery tickets and split the cost with Mr Thompson.

Wyatt Close and Brandon Thompson are pictured with a lottery cheque.
Wyatt Close and Brandon Thompson will each take home more than $1 million after buying lottery tickets together and winning. Source: Tennessee Lottery

Mr Thompson nearly backed out but boy, is he glad he decided to go halves in those tickets.

They bought two Jumbo Bucks Titanium instant tickets and took them back to their van.

The first wasn’t a winner but the second had the pair elated.

“I thought he (Mr Close) was going to jump through the roof of the van,” Mr Thompson said.

It turns out the scratchie ticket was a winner for more than A$4.1 million, which the two friends have decided to split.

Mr Close told WTVF he has only ever bought four tickets before.

“I've never had any luck like this though,” he said.

They hope to each use their portion of the winnings to save, invest and build their own homes.

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