Berlin Zoo Welcomes New Polar Bear Cub

It’s official. Berlin’s polar bear Tonja gave birth to a new cub overnight into Thursday, December 7. Berlin’s wildlife park released footage of the birth on Friday, saying both mother and cub are doing well.

This is eight-year-old Tonja’s and six-year-old Wolodja’s second cub, after their first born Fritz died. According to the zoo, polar bear cubs have a 50 percent chance of survival.

Zookeepers said CCTV footage of the enclosure Tonja retreated to showed that she gave birth to two cubs but one of them was stillborn and was not to be seen a short time later.

Nobody will be entering Tonja’s enclosure over the coming days, as that crucial period requires complete calm for mother and cub. Credit: Tierpark Berlin via Storyful