Berlin police ban Russian flags and symbols at Soviet memorials on May 8-9

German Police
German Police

Berlin police have prohibited the display of Russian flags, St. George's ribbons, and symbols glorifying the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war near Soviet memorials on May 8 and 9, according to a report from RBB24 on May 7.

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The ban is in effect around the Soviet memorials in Treptower Park and Tiergarten, near the Brandenburg Gate, and in the government district. Symbols such as the "Z" insignia, military uniforms, and other war-glorifying imagery are also included in the prohibition.

Additionally, marching and military songs won't be allowed on these memorial days commemorating the end of World War II. However, World War II veterans, diplomats, and state representatives are exempt from these rules.

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The restrictions are limited to the immediate areas surrounding the memorials and don't apply to gatherings elsewhere.

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