Ben Affleck Finally Has His Own Dunkin’ Drink on the Menu Following His Super Bowl Commercial

The new drink and full DunKings menu is named after Affleck's band from the Super Bowl 2024 commercial with Tom Brady and Matt Damon



Dunkin' Super Bowl Commercial 2024

Ben Affleck is an Academy Award winner — but his latest accolade may have just topped that.

The lifelong Dunkin’ fan is officially getting his own Dunkin’ drink on the menu. Following the Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial, which featured Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady forming a boy band called the DunKings, the coffee chain is rolling out a DunKings menu nationwide.

Dropping Monday, Feb. 12, Affleck’s drink is made of Affleck's "go-to order" — iced coffee with cream and notes of vanilla, and topped with sweet cold foam and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

The DunKings menu will also feature Munchkins Skewers, which Damon held in the commercial. It's three assorted Munchkins on a stick, which can be added to any beverage (like olives on a martini) — or can be ordered on its own.

Other menu items include the Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich, an an everything bagel with sweet black pepper, seasoned bacon, white cheddar cheese and egg; Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee, a hot or iced coffee blended with sweet caramel, notes of hazelnut and whole milk; and the Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher, a strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher with an extra shot of raspberry flavor.

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<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck's Dunkin' drink and Munchkins skewer


Ben Affleck's Dunkin' drink and Munchkins skewer

Along with the exciting menu, fans can sport the band’s silly looks from the Super Bowl Commercial. On Monday at 12 p.m. ET, the DunKings tracksuits and fuzzy hats will be available to order on

In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial, the trio all come together to celebrate Boston’s favorite coffee brand — and crash Jennifer Lopez’s recording session in the process.

At a music studio, an assistant whispers in Lopez’s ear, “He’s here.” Lopez looks concerned, “No.” Affleck storms into the recording studio, wearing a "DunKings" tracksuit complete with the brand’s signature pink and orange colors. 

<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez in Dunkin's Super Bowl commerical


Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez in Dunkin's Super Bowl commerical

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“What up! For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre. The DunKings!” he says, announcing the name of the band.

As Lopez hides her face in embarrassment, Brady and Damon are revealed to be the other DunKings band members.

<p>Dunkin'</p> The DunKings menu items


The DunKings menu items

Jaw fully dropped, Lopez is speechless at their performance.

“We talked about this,” she scolds her husband. Damon awkwardly sips his coffee — complete with the skewered Munchkin garnishes. In a shock ending, Lopez asks one member to hang back — not Affleck. “Tom? You can stay,” she says to the former New England Patriots quarterback.

The spot closes with Affleck and Damon walking outside. “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you?” Damon asks his longtime friend. “This is anything.”

“Chill," Affleck responds, "they’re naming a drink after us."

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