Is Beef Cheaper At Aldi Or Walmart?

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Beef is a fundamental food in many homes, but ever-increasing prices make it a less appealing dinner option. Meanwhile, both Aldi and Walmart have a reputation for stocking affordable groceries across multiple categories, including meat. But which grocery store is the most affordable when it comes to essentials like beef? It's worth noting that prices at both chains can fluctuate depending on where you live, so your bill may vary based on your location. However, Business Insider reports that Aldi is the preferred establishment when it comes to beef and other types of meat, at least based on prices in 2022 in Rochester, New York.

In this instance, customers can earn the biggest savings when purchasing larger quantities of meat, as Aldi's prices per pound ware generally lower than prices at Walmart. This is true of strip steak, which is currently priced at $12.97 per pound on the Walmart website. A direct comparison can't be made, however, since Aldi does not list prices on its website. It does appear that the discount grocery chain has an advantage over Walmart when it comes to beef, assuming you have the money and storage space for bulk purchasing.

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You Can't Beat Aldi's Beef Prices

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Aldi is dedicated to providing affordable groceries that meet high standards. That's why the establishment focuses on its private label brands, which are available at bigger discounts than similar name-brand items. As a result, it's tough to find a better deal when shopping at other grocery stores, even reasonably priced chains like Walmart, which also offers its own private label goods like those sold under the Great Value banner.

When it comes to ground beef, Aldi has a clear leg up on the competition. Consider that one pound of ground beef is priced at $3.29 at the discount chain, while a pound of ground beef at Walmart costs $3.94. While that only equals a savings of 65 cents, that can add up if you purchase ground beef on a regular basis. Of course, prices can vary depending on where you live, and it's not clear how other types of beef compare at the two establishments.

How Does Each Store Measure Up In Terms Of Quality?

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While prices are a crucial concern when shopping on a budget, quality is just as important. After all, low prices on beef aren't much of a deal if you're not getting a good product out of the transaction. Overall, Aldi's selection seems to be a hit or miss and largely depends on what you purchase. While it is affordable, ground beef from Aldi isn't always ideal for hamburgers due to its reportedly dry texture. On the other hand, the chain provides a selection of high-quality Black Angus beef, often at a much lower price than other establishments.

As for Walmart, a survey conducted by Consumer Reports showed that a majority of shoppers were somewhat dissatisfied with the grocery chain. Among many other issues, customers were unhappy with the store's meat selection. Walmart does carry some higher quality products on its website, such as grass-fed ground beef, but customer ratings there top out at 3.3 stars out of 5. Accordingly, bargain-minded shoppers might still be better off visiting Aldi when in search of beef.

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