Beauty YouTuber gets called out for allegedly still following James Charles: 'There's no way that you didn't know what was going on'

Beauty influencer Kristi, commonly referred to by her username RawBeautyKristi, has found herself at the center of drama after another popular YouTuber accused her of supporting James Charles.

Especially when compared to other beauty creators, such as Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star and Charles, Kristi has kept her reputation relatively scandal-free. Her vulnerability in documenting her infertility journey, weight loss and anxiety has also resonated with her 1 million subscribers over her 10-year career as a YouTuber.

Peter Monn, who documents and recaps YouTuber drama on his channel, posted multiple videos about Kristi within the last week. It started with Monn listing creators he had to unfollow — including Manny MUA and Tana Mongeau — because they were still supporting Charles in one way or another. Charles was accused of grooming and having inappropriate conversations with underage boys in 2021. He has denied the allegations.

“After everything I looked at last night, RawBeautyKristi might be my biggest disappointment in 2023,” Monn said in the video. “I have loved Kristi. She’s been very supportive of me for years. I thought she was the real deal for a long time.”

Charles recently tried to facilitate his own comeback with a July Cosmopolitan article and the announcement of his new makeup line, Painted. According to Monn, he noticed Kristi had allegedly liked a post about Painted, and that’s when he decided to unfollow her.

“I’m fully aware none of these people really care if I follow them or not, and it probably doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but in my heart, I want to do the right thing,” he said. “I’m not any better than the people that I’m calling out that are supporting James and Colleen because I’m supporting the people that are supporting them.”

Monn said he was particularly frustrated with Kristi because she had spoken out against Colleen Ballinger and Ruby Franke from 8 Passengers, but didn’t do a video about Charles and was allegedly still supporting him.

“I don’t know why she can ride so hard for Colleen Ballinger, but she can only support openly and publicly a self-proclaimed predator,” Monn said. In the Cosmopolitan article, Charles denied that he was a pedophile, groomer or predator.

In a Sept. 6 video, Monn updated followers that Kristi had allegedly unfollowed Charles, but that he’d gotten messages from followers who claimed Kristi was blocking them and deleting comments criticizing her for still following him in the first place. He also added that he spoke with Kristi on the phone after posting the first video and thought he’d cleared the air — but now felt like she’d “knowingly lied to my face.”

Reddit users corroborated Monn’s claims about Kristi blocking people, and some alleged they were subsequently blocked for trying to DM her about Charles.

Monn claimed that Kristi told him that in 2021 when the allegations against Charles were becoming public, she was going through so much in her personal life that she didn’t pay attention to it.

While Monn did not go into specifics, Kristi gave birth to her first child, after years of infertility issues, on Dec. 1, 2020. In a video from March 2021, she talked about struggling with postpartum depression, and three months later she uploaded another emotional video about her mental health declining. The first allegations against Charles surfaced in February 2021.

Monn pointed out, however, that Kristi regularly does film breakdowns of what drama is happening within the beauty community.

“I said, ‘I think people will come for you and say there’s no way that you didn’t know what was going on with James Charles,'” Monn claimed. “I think she knows this too, and I think, and this is why she hasn’t made the video.”

Kristi’s recent videos and Instagram photos have an influx of new comments talking about Charles — many of them asking her to publicly comment on the situation.

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“You’re one of my favorite creators,” one follower commented on Kristi’s Sept. 1 upload. “But the support of James Charles is literally breaking my heart! I never thought in a million trillion years you of all people would follow and support him.”

“I know you’ll likely not ever see this comment but PLEASE address what you need to,” another fan said. “We, your supporters need to understand your stance. I can’t, as a mother … support someone who supports a known child predator. I’m waiting for you to address it. We all are.”

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