Beauty queen gives up title after being told she is plus sized in vile online abuse

A beauty queen has given up her regional crown after being told she was “plus-sized” and then abused online.

Model Juliana Diaz Rueda, 23, was named Miss Santander and was expected to represent her region at the next Miss Colombia contest.

However, Ms Diaz Rueda claims regional authorities did not support her and her family with costs related to travel, fitness training, accessories and education courses, leaving them severely out of pocket.

She also claims fashion store Leyar sent her a message saying that they are a “very professional company that only makes clothes for queens and not plus-sized women”.

Model Juliana Diaz Rueda was named Miss Santander and was expected to represent her region at the next Miss Colombia contest but has given up her crown claiming she’s online suffered abuse. Source: CEN/Australscope

“I am 180 centimetres tall and thin, but not over-thin,” she said.

“I did not fit into the clothes for the show and I was upset at receiving that message.”

However, Leyar published a statement defending the beauty queen’s claims, saying that she simply did not do what was expected. 

It added she displayed lack of commitment and interest in her role.

The 23-year-old claims fashion store Leyar told her it wouldn’t make clothes for her because it doesn’t make them for ‘plus-size women’. Leyar has denied this claim. Source: CEN/Australscope

The model also claims that she has been the target of cyber-bullying about her makeup and choice of outfits, and that it was another factor for leaving her position as Miss Santander. 

According to Ms Diaz Rueda, the “dream” of every young woman is to become a queen but that the experience “did not go well due to bad advisors”.  

“I was bullied,” she said.  

“I am not sure about the other girls.” 

The 23-year-old added it was never her intention to “speak bad about a brand or company in Santander”, and she only wanted to share her experience.

“I would like to thank the time and effort people have placed in me,” she said. 

It is currently unclear whether Santander officials will replace Ms Diaz Rueda or encourage her to stay and represent the region at the Miss Colombia pageant.

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