For Beautifully Breaded Scallops, Potato Flakes Are The Way To Go

Fried breaded scallops
Fried breaded scallops - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Scallops are one of the great flexible seafood proteins. Serve it raw, sauteed, or stewed, and it always manages to satisfy with its mildly sweet and salty flavor. One new way to enjoy this incredible item is to have it breaded. Golden and crunchy, but lighter than the deep-fried fare, breaded scallops are a textural joy. For this recipe, you won't rely on the usual breading suspects, like panko or ground almonds. Instead, you'll turn to potato flakes.

Mashed potato flakes, sometimes just called potato flakes, are often used to help make instant mashed potatoes, extra fluffy and tender bread dough, or fast smiley fries. Here, they make a starchy crust for the tender scallops. Blended with a bit of breadcrumbs, flour, and beaten eggs, this potato flake crust perfectly compliments the tender interior of the scallop. Even potato flakes with just a touch of seasoning and herbs work as a satisfying crust for the seafood. So, how should you go about adding a bit of crunchy texture to your next batch of scallops?

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Potato Flakes Help Create A Perfectly Crispy Crust

seared scallops
seared scallops - Mironov Vladimir/Shutterstock

First, make sure you're purchasing the correct scallops for breading. Bay scallops are much smaller than sea scallops and often used for adding to seafood chowders or casseroles. For this dish, choose the larger sea scallops so that you have enough surface area to provide a proper crust. Next, consider how thick of a breading you'd like to provide for the scallops.

For a thicker breading, you'll coat the scallops in three stages: first in a light dusting of flour, then in a bit beaten egg, and finally in a mix of bread crumbs, potato flakes, and a blend of seasonings. A lighter breading can be accomplished through a brush of oil and a dip into a seasoned bit of potato flakes. From there, you'll pan-sear these crusted scallops in a hot pan for 2 to 3 minutes per side or broil in the oven for 4 minutes per side. One bite of this potato-crusted scallop, and you'll wonder why it's taken you so long to discover its textural delights.

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