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'Beale faces selection dilemmas in huge week that will shape fans' mood'

Jamie Currie, Rangers fan

It was a good weekend for Rangers; they negotiated a potentially tricky trip to Dingwall by controlling the match and coming away with a 2-0 victory.

What more can you say about James Tavernier? Another peach of a goal for him and a stellar performance from the skipper.

Then you have Kemar Roofe. He's usually injured for three quarters of a season but the rare time you get him on the pitch, he scores goals out of nothing. Hopefully this is the end of his injuries and he can contribute for a lengthy period this season. He is, without doubt, the best finisher we have at the club.

All of that is great, but Michael Beale has two games this week that will shape the mood of the fans going forward. PSV away on Wednesday night and then Celtic at Ibrox on Sunday afternoon.

Let's not be fooled by the 'Celtic in crisis' stuff that is being peddled. They will still win the majority of their matches, domestically at least. For Rangers, they need to focus on themselves – don't get too high or low and chalk up the wins.

Beale has some selection dilemmas ahead of him, especially in the final third. Who starts in these matches? Does Rabbi Matondo or Abdallah Sima or Danilo come in or does he stick with Cyriel Dessers for Wednesday?

Personally, I would stick with Dessers then unleash Roofe and Danilo against Celtic. But who knows what Beale will do. He has a lot to prove in these bigger matches, as the consensus is that he tends to over-think his team selection and tactics and gets them wrong in the process.

So, he will have the pressure on him to make sure he gets both team selections and tactical game-plans spot on.

Listen, you hope Rangers win both matches and go into the international break on a high. However, there still has to be some caution and realism regarding these fixtures. This is a new group of players finding their feet and trying to find their way in a Beale system.

Ultimately, for Beale, he signed these players and he will be judged on the results in fixtures such as the next two – but he will be well aware of that and he, more than anyone, will be working hard to deliver two positive results.

It's up to the team to grab the bull by the horns and make sure they are the ones who are happy on Sunday evening. It's not going to define the season, but it may just alter some early opinions on this Rangers team and their manager.

It's a chance to put some early pressure on their rivals and it's the opportunity you suspect that Rangers and Beale cannot afford to pass up.