'Cute but deadly': Beachgoer's warning after find inside shell

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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A woman has issued a warning after making a “deadly” find on a beach in Sydney’s south.

She posted a video to Facebook holding a shell at Kurnell on Saturday.

“Please be careful at Kurnell,” she wrote.

Sand, dirt and water is seen in the shell but soon it becomes clear.

Lurking in the shell is a small blue-lined octopus, which is a type of blue-ringed octopus.

A blue-ringed octopus pictured in a sea shell.
A blue-ringed octopus found in a shell on Kurnell. Source: Facebook

The deadly venom of a blue-ringed octopus

According to The Australian Museum, the species uses “an extremely powerful venom” to kill its prey including crabs and small fish.

The octopus can also use this venom, known as tetrodotoxin, on humans too which can cause paralysis and death.

On Facebook, people marvelled at the tiny octopus.

“Cute but deadly,” one woman wrote.

Others remarked they had “never seen them that small before”.

“Great to show people as they might not think they are dangerous,” another woman wrote.

She is right too – some people do not realise how deadly blue-ringed octopuses can be.

In January 2019, a Chinese tourist attracted a heap of attention after they were filmed holding one with their bare hands seemingly unaware of the danger.

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