BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent responds to her on-air penalty shoot-out skills

jon kay, sally nugent, bbc breakfast
BBC Breakfast star on live penalty shoot-outBBC

BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent has celebrated managing to score a penalty during an on-air segment.

Sally's co-host Jon Kay was hosting from the studio, while Sally was at a football field, dressed in a very bright pink outfit.

Jon took the opportunity to ask if Sally could score a goal live on air, goading her on by saying: "Surely, you could inspire a generation, Sal. Let's see some skills."

sally nugent, bbc breakfast

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Despite her protestations that she had "no skills whatsoever", Sally said she was "not afraid of failure" and instantly went to get a ball and made a shot, managing to get it in the top left corner.

Even though there was no goalkeeper, Jon was very impressed, saying that he was "never in doubt" that she could do it.

Resharing the video on Twitter/X from the official BBC Breakfast account, which called for a professional team to "sign her up", Sally called herself "Maradona / Madonna" and asked her follows to decide who she was more like.

jon kay, sally nugent, bbc breakfast

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Sally has proven that she's up for trying different things and not afraid of failing before, such as when she competed on last year's Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special. She admitted at the time that she was "not a dancer" but "in need of a little pick me up".

Partnered with Graziano Di Prima, she scored the third-best score of the special with 38 points for her Foxtrot.

Meanwhile, over on BBC Breakfast's morning TV rival Good Morning Britain, it was recently announced that Adil Ray will be stepping up to host Fridays after Ben Shephard moved on to This Morning.

BBC Breakfast airs every day from 6am on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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