Bar slammed over 'racist' dress code

A bar’s ‘racist’ dress code has sparked heated debate online.

Herbert Smith, from New York State in the US, posted a photo of a local bar’s dress code to his Facebook page, showing a long list of items that can’t be worn inside the Murphy’s Law Irish Pub.

Banned items included straight-brim caps, hoodies, bandanas, white tees, and Timberland work boots.

However, social media users called the dress code ‘racist’, alleging that it lists items commonly worn by African American people.

Mr Smith received a picture of the questionable dress code posted in the front window of Murphy’s Law, while he was making plans with a friend to meet up at a nearby bar.

The dress code listed banned clothing items. Source: Facebook/Herbert Smith

He told Yahoo Lifestyle that “it immediately struck a chord”. While he wasn’t entirely sure what to think about it, he decided to call attention to it.

“I post a lot of stuff on Facebook, so I thought a few of my friends would chime in,” Mr Smith said.

“But what happened next I was not expecting.”

Multiple commenters said the list was a clear example of “prejudice”.

“Code for no black people,” one person wrote.

“Racist. Hands down,” said another.

However, some defended the dress code, saying the bar wanted to encourage clients “to show up in more classy attire”.

Some users stated that the bar’s dress code has been enforced in a ‘racist’ manner.

The list was posted at Murphy’s Law Irish Bar in Rochester, New York, US. Source: Google Maps

“My problem isn’t the dress code. It’s the fact that Murphy’s Law only enforces the dress code for people of colour,” someone pointed out.

“I tried to go there a few years back and they denied me entrance because of my outfit but there was a group of white people that had on similar outfits like the one I had on.”

Mr Smith says the response to his post is a clear indication that further action needs to take place.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” Mr Smith said.

“The comments streamed in. People were very passionate about it on either side of the spectrum.

“To me, the act of posting that dress code, without any prompting, and seeing the response which ensued, warrants a change.

“I would like to see the fashion do’s rather than the fashion don’ts.”

Murphy’s Law Irish Pub didn’t respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, but posted a statement on its Facebook page.

“Our dress code policy was put into place nine years ago,” the statement said.

“The dress code was adopted after reviewing what many other successful bars, clubs & restaurants from around the area and country had already put in place.

“Murphy’s Law and our employees welcome all patrons local and out of town through our doors.”