Barber's backflip after refusing to cut girl's hair

A Sydney barber has settled a discrimination claim out of court after an eight-month legal battle kicked off when he refused to cut a girl’s hair.

Sam Rahim was accused of discrimination when he told a woman he wouldn’t cut her daughter’s hair in his store, Hunters Hill Barber, in December last year.

The mother, who happens to be a lawyer, stated that the barber refused to “simply run the clippers through my daughter’s undercut, because she was a girl”.

She went on to lodge a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Equal Opportunities.

Mr Rahim, who at the time attempted to explain that he was not qualified to cut women’s hair, said he had gone through an extremely stressful time during the eight-month legal battle.

Sam Rahim (middle) said he will gladly cut the young girl’s hair in his barber shop after their case was settled out of court. Source: Instagram / Hunters Hill Barbers

The “mentally tired and exhausted” barber this week settled the case at mediation, ahead of its October court date. In a Facebook post on Sunday, Mr Rahim said the girl is welcome in his barber shop.

“There has been media attention recently in relation to a sex discrimination claim instituted against me for declining to provide services to a girl who entered my barber shop,” he wrote on his business’s Facebook page.

“Regrettably, there was a misunderstanding between the parties.

“I am happy to say that the proceedings have now been resolved.

“The girl is welcome in my barber shop any time and would be happy to provide the same service to her as I do for other customers, regardless of gender.”