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Barbagallos set for baby No. 2

Sophia and Troy Barbagallo will be celebrating an extra-special Mother’s Day tomorrow, with the pair revealing they are expecting a second child.

Due in mid-November, the socialite couple’s new baby will complete their party of five — they already have Madison Mia, now 10 months old, and Troy’s teenage son Dom from a previous relationship.

Sophia said they were over the moon and had struggled to keep the news to themselves.

“We were very hush-hush with Madi, but this time we told family and friends quite early,” she toldAAA Weekend .

“Mind you, Troy’s been telling everyone that he sees. He’s happy to get his predictions out as well.”

Troy is well-known among family and friends for his sixth sense when it comes to predicting the sex of babies, with Sophia estimating he’d correctly guessed the sex of 30 children.

“I’ve got a secret power,” he said. “I guess the sex of unborn babies and I never get it wrong. It’s going to be a girl. Last time we didn’t even have a boy’s name, we just got it right on my prediction.”

The Miss Universe WA and ToyBox International organisers are happy to have just 17 months between Madison and her younger sibling. “Hopefully they’ll enjoy similar things at similar times and enjoy growing up together,” Sophia said.

Sophia, a former Miss World WA, said she loved seeing Troy as a father.

“He’s great with Dom as well and that’s one of the things I fell in love with when I first met him,” she said. “And I think a little girl gets their dad wrapped around their finger pretty quick.”

Troy and Sophia Barbagallo. Picture: WA News

The pair haven’t decided definitively on a name but for now have Julia Maria at the top of their list.

“When I was pregnant with Madi, his aunty said you need a really Italian name, call her Gloria Maria,” Sophia said.

“So then during the whole pregnancy we called Madi ‘Gloria Maria’, so now with this one we’ve started calling her Julia Maria.”