Bar slammed over it's 'disgusting' beer promotion

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

An establishment has been slammed for making “disgusting” insensitive coronavirus jokes to promote a beer special.

New Zealand bar House on the Hood in Hamilton, on the north island, shared a graphic to Facebook on Wednesday sprucing $6.50 bottles of Corona beer.

“Virus or no virus, we still think Coronas are pretty great, so while the pandemic lasts, we’re selling Coronas for just $6.50 all day, every day,” the post read.

The text was attached to a photo of two men clad in full quarantine suits holding up a beer each and the words “catch some Corona at House this summer” stamped across it.

This was the initial post shared by the bar on Wednesday. It was later deleted. Source: Facebook
The bar shared this second joke to its page despite outrage at the initial one. Source: Facebook

The following day it shared a similarly tasteless post, showing an image of a bottle of Corona with a face mask attached to it and the words: “Let’s be honest, there are worse things you can catch in Hamilton.”

Outrage was quick to flood in, with people labelling the take on humour “disgusting”.

“Disgusting advert. Find something less deadly to joke about,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Right okay, it's ‘so funny’ that innocent people in China are dying. And I bet if it were in a European country y’all probably wouldn’t be so eager to make light of this situation. Terrible. Seems kinda racist to me,” another person said.

The initial post was taken down shortly after being posted, with the restaurant offering no explanation why.

House on Hood in Hamilton made the coronavirus jokes to Facebook this week. Source: Google Maps/Lorraine Borthwick

Some people expressed their appreciation of the bar making light of the global health crisis in comments on the second post, which remains viewable on the page.

“This is hilarious ... all the offended people obviously need a beer,” one person wrote.

Others were disappointed the original post was removed, and criticised the restaurant for taking it down.

“I see you've changed it to ‘all summer long’ instead of ‘for as long as the outbreak lasts’,” one person pointed out.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted House on the Hood for comment.

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