'That’s crazy': Baffling photo of woman driving a car full of bees

A woman has been snapped in a “crazy” photo driving a car full of bees.

The woman was photographed in Daphne in the US state of Alabama driving a Toyota Prius with a beekeeper’s nest in her backseat on Sunday.

Bees are seen filling the car, possibly after getting out of the nest.

Strangely, all the windows of the car appear to be closed.

A woman is pictured driving a car full of bees.
A woman has been photgraphed driving a car full of bees in Alabama. Source: Facebook/ Jocelyn Jordan

Jocelyn Jordan, who took the photo, was perplexed to say the least.

“What in the world?” she wrote.

“She was just chatting on her phone like all was normal."

Ms Jordan added she “almost ran off the road” looking at the car filled with bees.

One woman called the photo the “craziest thing” she’s ever seen while one man wrote: "that's crazy".

“I’ll bet she is the sweetest person,” another man joked.

Beekeeper offers explanation

A woman, claiming to be the driver in the photo and a local beekeeper, offered an explanation though.

“Unfortunately I had a driver slam on brakes to make a turn without signalling about a block or two up the road,” she wrote.

“That’s when the plug for the hive came undone when I had to sharply press the brakes. A few dozen is common but not this many!

“To see what it actually looks like from the outside does look insane.”

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