Backyard cat breeder charged in Victoria

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A Victorian man faces four charges over backyard breeding and trying to sell kittens in public.

The 59-year-old man from Soldiers Hill, near Ballarat, was charged by the RSPCA with operating an illegal domestic animal business, sale of an animal in a public place, breaching a domestic animal business banning order and advertising of animals for sale.

If all charges are proven, the accused could face fines of up to $79,783 or a maximum of two years' jail.

In a statement, RSPCA Victoria said the sale of animals in public places such as parks, roadsides and car parks, is illegal.

"Dogs and cats must only be sold from a registered domestic animal business, from a private residence or sold at a place where an animal sale permit is in place," the statement said.

Members of the public who may have information about any individuals selling animals in public places are urged to contact RSPCA Victoria directly.

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