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Backpacker reveals five 'brilliant Aussie things' the UK needs

TikToker Olly Lewis believes the UK is seriously missing out on these things which Aussies enjoy.

An English expat has gushed online about some uniquely Australian things which he believes need to be sent straight over to the UK for Brits to also enjoy.

There are many similarities between the countries but backpacker Olly Lewis has flagged his top five favourite differences in a self-confessed 'love letter to Australia'.

"Five bloody brilliant things that Australia has and the UK needs to takes notes," he said.

Left, Olly can be seen in his TikTok video speaking about the five 'brilliant Aussie things' the UK need. Right, Olly can be seen at Uluru.
Brit Olly Lewis shared five 'brilliant Aussie things' which need to be adopted in the UK. Source: TikTok and Instagram

Drive-thru bottle shops are 'iconic'

Both countries are known to enjoy an alcoholic tipple or two but Olly was stunned when he first became aware of drive-thru bottle shops, admitting the idea of mixing a drive-thru and alcohol was strange to him at first.

"I don't know why but an alcoholic drive thru is such a funny concept to me as a Brit but they actually have it everywhere here and it's iconic," he said.

Olly continued by imitating the Australian accent and joked the Aussie version of a Macca's 'Happy Meal' is "two bottles of vodka and a box of bloody Goon."

First drive-thru bottle shops and Maccas in Australia.
Drive-thru bottle shops have been in Australia longer than Maccas drive-thrus. Source: Yahoo News Australia

'Godly' chicken salt

Described as a "beautiful savoury chicken flavoured seasoning" which Aussies put "everywhere", the Brit was full of praise for the Australian version of salt and vinegar — which is commonly put on fish and chips in the UK.

"Let me tell you it is godly," he said. "Next time I go back to Europe I will definitely be packing about 3 bags of the stuff into my luggage"

The famed Nutbush

You can't get more Australian that this and Olly is all for it —making the bold claim it's a better dance than the Macarena which is a frequent party dance enjoyed at many UK celebrations.

"I don't know which Australian decided to make up a dance routine to Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner but it is like.. so good," he proclaimed.

'The Tim Tam slam is brilliant'

Easily Arnott's crown jewel of biscuits, the Tim Tam managed to hold its own when compared to the wide range of British biscuits.

"Sucking tea through a chocolate cream filling is now one of my favourite hobbies," he said.

Twist cap beer bottles are 'life-changing'

Lastly the Brit believes twist cap beer bottles are "bloody game-changing", joking the lack of twist caps in the UK may be the reason why the national has a reputation of "terrible teeth".

"It speaks for itself," he said, pretending to rip a beer cap off with his teeth.

"Love you Aus, never change."

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