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'Disgusting': Backlash after angry woman films Australia Post workers

A woman’s complaint about Australia Post delivery drivers has been met with backlash online, with some people saying the disgruntled customer needs to “get a grip”.

The Queensland woman posted a video of two drivers sorting through numerous packages lying on the grass to the Facebook group Australia Post Complaints on Thursday night.

Their delivery trucks can be seen parked nearby with the doors wide open.

“I am disgusted with the lack of care these guys plus four other vans treated peoples parcels,” she wrote alongside the footage.

Australia Post workers filmed in video posted to Facebook.
The Queensland woman posted a video of two drivers sorting through numerous packages lying on the grass. Source: Australia Post Complaints/Facebook

“They drove up, stood in the vans and threw all the packages from inside the van onto the grass, then scanned them and jammed them up to the roof of a couple of vans, couldn’t even see out of the back window at all.

“No regards for people's property. I don’t think sorting parcels by throwing them onto the grass in a park is quite what we expect to be Aust Post/or their couriers who act on their behalf standards. Totally substandard.”

However, the woman’s gripe was not met with similar sentiments.

Australia Post drivers just doing their job

Several viewers slammed the woman, saying the drivers are simply doing their job.

“Oh no. People working, let me cry about this,” one man responded.

“I think we have different definitions of ‘throwing’. Would you rather them gently chuck them on the grass or on the cement in the warehouse? Get a grip,” a woman added.

Others called the original poster “naive” and said her behaviour was “disgusting”.

“There’s nothing wrong here, they’re not chucking parcels. These guys are organising their runs. Stop finding things to whinge about,” another viewer said.

The original poster said she had submitted the video to Australia Post and was frustrated that she had yet to receive a parcel from December 20.

People were quick to point out that the company had warned about delays during the holidays and had even published shipping cut-off dates.

“Our team members continue to work hard under difficult circumstances to get mail and parcels to their destination as quickly and safely as possible,” an Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“We kindly ask customers to treat them with respect and to contact us via if they have concerns so we can provide help and support.”

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