'A rocky start': Has Bachelor Matt Agnew fled to Scotland ahead of finale?

Gillian Wolski
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Bachelor Matt Agnew, 32, sent viewers into a frenzy of speculation on Wednesday when he shared a photo of himself in Scotland just a day before the finale of the reality TV show.

On Thursday night’s episode, Matt is expected to choose a winner from the final two women - Abbie Chatfield and Chelsie McLeod - and hit the promo trail the following day.

'Stormy weather overlooking Kilt Rock,' Matt Agnew captioned this Instagram snap from Scotland. Photo: Instagram/drmattagnew.

But instead, he appeared to be halfway across the world.

“Stormy weather overlooking Kilt Rock #isleofskye #scotland #kiltrock #gettinginthewayoftheview #travel” the hunky astrophysicist captioned the Instagram post, which shows him posing at the Kilt Rock lookout, in Portree, Scotland.

We can all rest easy, however, as our Bachie is currently on home soil, according to ex-Bachie star Helena Sauzier.

“I was like ‘what!?’” she told Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive chat the morning after her exit from the show.

The Mauritius-born beauty revealed that the cheeky Bachelor is “just doing that to throw people off”.

“He’s definitely in Australia,” she confirmed.

Has Matt fled overseas?

At the time, however, the surprise snap led fans to suspect that something was very, very wrong.

“What a rocky start to finale week,” wrote one fan in the comments.

Another suggested that Matt might be attempting to avoid the media frenzy in Australia - why, we’re not sure.

“Christ he is all the way in Scotland! No one will find out there,” they wrote.

Abbie captioned a new snap of the final three, 'Couldn’t have done any part of this without these angels'. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

Does Matt do a ‘Honey Badger’?

While some suggested that the Scotland snap might simply be a throwback to an earlier holiday, Matt didn’t mention that it was a #tbt in his caption.

“He looks way younger, I bet it's an old pic,” one theorised.

Others compared his trip overseas to his Bachelor predecessor, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, who fled to Papua New Guinea in 2018 days before the finale.

It enabled the rugby player to escape backlash following his refusal to choose either of his final two women.

“Hmmm, didn’t The Honey Badger take off overseas during finale week? Look how that turned out,” commented one.

“He’s flown far, far away for finale week, sound familiar!?” said one.

“There is no way you could go from Wedding cake rock to the Hebrides in 22 hours. Dropping hints?” one user noted.

Indeed, less than 24 hours before the Scotland pic, Matt shared another scenic snap, this time taken at Wedding Cake Rock in Sydney's Royal National Park.

Matt and Chelsie McLeod, the hot favourite to win Bachie's heart. Photo: Channel 10.

Where in the world is Matt Agnew?

The plot thickened further when one commenter piped up to claim that they recently spotted the Bachelor in his home town of Melbourne.

“I saw you on Bourke St today. You are not in Scotland!” they wrote.

Another theory from Who magazine is a little spicier, as it implied that Matt is in the UK to be close to Irish beauty Emma Roche, who they suspect returned to the Emerald Isle after she was eliminated from the show.

“So I'm thinking that maybe Emma secretly flew back to Ireland around the same time Matt jetted off to Scotland and they're planning to meet in the middle?” speculated writer Madi Spira.

Perhaps there was a perfectly innocent reason that Matt travelled halfway across the world. ‘Agnew’ is a Scottish name, after all, so he may have just been visiting family.

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

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