Bachelor spoiler: Final four leaked through detail on Instagram

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Spoiler Alert: This article may reveal The Bachelor’s final four contestants!

While The Bachelor may be rushing through episodes to get to this year’s finale, with multiple people leaving the show last week, the final four women have already been leaked online.

A small detail on each of the 23 contestants' social media accounts has seemingly revealed who makes it to the end of Jimmy Nicholson’s season.

Bachelor contestants.
The final four Bachelor contestants have apparently been revealed. Photo: Channel 10

For the first time in the franchise’s history, this year’s participants don’t have control over their Instagram accounts while the show airs, with their bios each reading: ‘This account is currently managed by a third party’.

However, gossip podcast So Dramatic! has pointed out that there is one distinction that points out the series top contenders.


The majority of contestants’ bios say that they relinquished control over their Instagram account on 19 July 2021, two days before the show premiered.

Meanwhile, the bios for contestants Brooke Cleal, Jay Lal, Holly Kingston and Lily Price all list a different date: 7 July 2021.

Bachelor contestants' Instagram bios.
All four women list earlier dates than other contestants. Photos: Instagram

A source told So Dramatic! that this is because Channel 10 made the final four women sign an additional contract and hand over social media control two weeks earlier.

“The top four had to sign another NDA once they reached the top four and they got paid more money to sign it and more money to keep quiet,” the source claimed.

It’s not an entire shock that these ladies make it to the end of the reality show, with betting agency Sportsbet listing Holly, Brooke, Jay and Lily as the top four contenders.

All four participants have received a single date and a kiss from Jimmy, as well as extra time on a group date.

Bachelor's Brooke and Jimmy.
Brooke temporarily left the mansion after her grandfather’s death but is expected to return soon. Photo: Channel 10

The revelation comes shortly after Jimmy accidentally revealed his own spoiler to Yahoo Lifestyle about the show’s front-runners.

The 31-year-old opened up about the conversations he has been having with his chosen lady while they’ve both been watching the show, including if she already knew how many women he made out with.

“She knew more than I did,” he admitted. “Because they all talk about in the house, so she knew the numbers.

“I think I said, ‘I think I might’ve kissed six of the women’, and she was quick to correct me and say, ‘no it was seven’.”

Bachelor's Lily and Jimmy kissing.
Lily kissed Jimmy during the photoshoot group date in episode 2. Photo: Channel 10

If it is true that Jimmy actually ends up kissing only seven women on the show, that means that the list of potential winners is instantly shorter because he has already kissed seven contestants: Brooke, Lily, Ash, Carlie, Jay, Holly and Stephanie.

However, recently eliminated contestant Tatum dropped a bombshell last week to Yahoo Lifestyle and confessed that she and Jimmy kissed but it wasn’t shown on TV.

In what she described as “one of those iconic couch scenes with heaps of candles”, Tatum said the pair made cocktails together and were able to improve their connection.

“We did kiss, he did the whole, ‘lean over and grab the rose’, and I received a rose which was really nice,” she admitted.

The Bachelor continues with another double episode Wednesday 7:30pm.

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