Bachelor fans in a spin over tiny bikini bottoms

Penny Burfitt
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Some brave bottoms are making a splash on Bachelor in Paradise. Photo: Ten

Things are getting red hot in Paradise, with last night’s episode raising eyebrows over worrying behaviour from some of the men, but raising even more eyebrows over… the women’s skimpy bikini bottoms.

Yep, that old chestnut.

The general sentiment goes something along the lines of: “How could you possibly worry about a man acting in a predatory and threatening way when the girls are wearing very small bikini bottoms??? THINK OF THE CHILDRE… CHAFING!!”

Many lips were firmly pursed over the itsy bitsy bottoms, and tense fingers flew thick and fast over keyboards as commentary filled Twitter feeds last night.

“All these dental floss bikinis look extremely uncomfortable,” wrote one comfort-concerned viewer.

“Back in my day, bikini bottoms legit covered your bottom. Simpler times,” wrote another woman.

The cheeky swimmers have raised some eyebrows. Photo: Ten
Bare bottoms were too much for many fans on last night’s episode. Photo: Ten
The ladies in Paradise are copping flak over their bikini choices. Photo: Ten

Other criticisms ranged from questioning the culture:

To raising concerns over the women’s access to safe clothing:

No fund has yet been set up to connect Bachie stars to extra square-cms of material, but watch this space.

Some saw the clear light of day and called out the criticism, among them Osher, whom we now love.

Thank you Osher.

Others backed up the dapper host.

Meanwhile it’s not the first time a bikini trend has raised eyebrows.

An unfortunate dye job turned this tropical number into a laughing stock, while this barely-there, string-based masterpiece didn’t come out without ruffling a few feathers.

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