'I can only blame myself': Bachelor eliminee Sogand Mohtat's post-show regrets

Gillian Wolski
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The Bachelor Australia eliminee Sogand Mohtat's shares her regrets. Photo: Channel 10.

She may have received the very first single date - and kiss - of the season, but Bachelor star Sogand Mohtat’s romance with eligible astrophysicist Matt Agnew spectacularly combusted on Wednesday night’s episode.

The 30-year-old appeared to seal her fate during the pair’s awkward one-on-one date at the cocktail party, when Matt’s probing questions about her feelings left her lost for words - and without a rose.

Following her exit, the civil engineer from Sydney opens up in a candid chat with Yahoo Lifestyle about being involved in the on-set drama, her biggest regret and the text message she sent to her love rival, Abbie.

Sogand’s Bachelor regrets

The Persian beauty admits that she played her cards far too close to her chest while on the show, leaving Bachelor Matt, 32, in the dark about how she really felt.

“I definitely did take the back seat after our first date because I wanted to play it fair and let him get to know the other girls,” she explains.

“I didn’t want to push anyone out of the way. I didn’t want to fake it, I wanted it to be real,” she adds.

But her timid approach ended up backfiring, with Matt admitting that ahead of their final date he “had no idea” where her head was at, and that he wished she’d opened up “five or six cocktail parties ago”.

After watching the episode back, Sogand admits that she’d certainly do things differently if she had her time again.

“I would probably be more forward, not care as much about everyone else and put myself first,” she says.

While she owns that she’s “not that forward by nature,” she asserts that she did let Matt know that she was interested at every opportunity she had.

Abbie vs. Sogand

Sogand goes on to tell us that, if she could wind back the clock, she wouldn’t get “so caught up” in the behind-the-scenes drama, which largely involved herself and Abbie Chatfield.

Throughout the show, Sogand maintained that her fellow bachelorette was “pretending to be something else on camera” in order to manipulate Matt into choosing her.

The feud between the two was so palpable and all-consuming that it led one fan to tweet, “Sogand is more interested in Abbie than Matt!”

So, does Sogand think Abbie sabotaged her chance for love?

“I can only blame myself. I can’t change how [Abbie] or anyone else behaved,” she says.

Despite being vocal about her opinion of her 23-year-old love rival, Sogand points out that it was a different story when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“Abbie and I did have some good times and civil conversations,” she reveals.

In fact, Sogand went so far as to extend an olive branch to her on-screen nemesis after the show wrapped several months ago, but is still unsure if - and how - it was received.

“On the outside I did send [Abbie] a text saying, ‘I hope we can move past the drama and be civil’ and she never responded,” she says.

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