Baby yak-cow mix is 'agent of chaos’ on farm: ‘Makes everyone insane’

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A “chaotic” calf is “terrorizing” his farm. It’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

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TikToker @missyrtumabade runs a farm cooperative in Idaho. She recently shared what it’s like raising a copper-colored calf that’s barely over a month old. The little guy was bursting with energy in the video, greatly contrasting the chill vibes of the farm’s grown-up cattle.

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“Forty-five-day-old farm terrorist,” the caption said. “Causes mad cow. Attacks random dirt piles. He growls like a bear. He runs enough to make me puke. Jumps like a gazelle.”

In the video, the calf eagerly “harassed” an adult cow by following her around and excitedly jumping on her back to play. A bundle of energy, the calf launched himself into a pile of dirt and rolled around in it for fun. He then sprinted off to continue speeding around the farm. Meanwhile, all the other cattle stood around calmly, seemingly unamused by the little tike’s antics.

“Copper Chaos daily. Farm terrorist makes everyone insane,” the caption read.

People were curious to know what the calf was. Some speculated it was part bull or buffalo. But he’s actually part cow and part yak.

“So he is out of our cow, but apparently a yak hooked up with her. No bison in him, just a spicy ‘yattle!'” the TikToker explained.

“I’ve raised a lot of calves and have never seen this. That’s awesome,” a user said.

“You should change his name to Red Bull. He CLEARLY has wings,” another joked.

“That is a very large dog you have there!” someone added.

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