Baby swept away by Mexico tornado found dead

The body of a baby blown away by a tornado was found in northern Mexico, raising the death toll from the twister to 14.

The powerful winds that tore across Ciudad Acuna on Monday ripped the infant from the arms of his parents, triggering a frantic search for the child.

A federal official who requested anonymity confirmed the baby's death but did not provide more details about where the child was found.

The child was with his parents when the family was "catapulted by the tornado," Mayor Evaristo Lenin Perez said late Monday.

The toll now includes 10 adults and four children, with nearly 290 people injured. Some of the fatalities were people driving to take factory employees to work, officials said.

The federal government said the six-second tornado destroyed 247 homes and damaged another 450.

Several people are being treated in hospital after the severe weather caught people on theor way top school and work. Photo: AP

Ciudad Acuña is across from Del Rio, Texas and homes 125,000 people.

“There’s nothing standing, not walls, not roofs,” said Edgar Gonzalez, a spokesman for the city government.

The wild weather has left the city with cars on buildings and has torn through buildings. Photo: AP

Images of cars with their bonnets torn off and an upturned bus show the devastation the wild weather has caused.

Rescue workers have been digging through the rubble of buildings racing to find more victims.

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