Baby survives being thrown out window on motorway

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A newborn baby survived being catapulted from a car travelling at 110km/h on a motorway in England, the Sunday Mirror reports.

Six-week-old Jonathan Samuel was thrown out of his father’s car when a tyre blew, causing the vehicle to spin numerous times before smashing into the median strip of the M6.

They been visiting family in Glasgow and were heading home overnight to Croydon, Surrey.

Strapped into his car seat, the boy flew out of the window and across a lane of traffic before landing on the reserve.

His father, Oliver, told the Sunday Mirror of his fear as he frantically searched for his young son.

"I was screaming because I expected to find parts of him and see blood. I was looking for his body."

Upon locating the empty car seat, Oliver was convinced he had lost his son.

"It was like a nightmare getting worse, it was agony. Our baby was gone."

Then Oliver heard crying and spotted a tiny bundle in the outside lane. As headlights were approaching, the father-of-two snatched his 'miracle' son to safety.

Baby Jonathan was checked over by astonished hospital staff, who reported him to be 'fit and well, alert and happy.'

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