Woman's act on baby horrifies TikTokers: ‘This feels illegal’

A TikTok video has left millions reeling and asking “why” after a baby was filmed having its head shaved.

In the 10-second clip a woman can be seen using a bright blue electric razor to obliterate a lock of fine hair before she uses the device to completely shave a baby’s head.

As the short strands fall away, the baby is left bald.

The woman is then filmed emptying the shaver before washing the infant’s dark hair down the bathroom sink.

The razor cutting hair on TikTok (left) and the razor on the baby's head (right).
TikTok users were left horrified when a woman was filmed shaving a baby's head. Source: TikTok

“Why would you shave a baby?” one TikTok user asked. “Their baby hair before they lose it is the most precious thing!”

“And they washed the hair down the sink like it meant nothing,” another added.

Viewers left questioning 'why?'

Since it was uploaded by Urara Babystuff, which according to its bio shares “good stuff for mother & baby", the TikTok video has been viewed almost five million times.

Among the thousands of comments, many users shared their disbelief.

“Wait, what?” one person wrote online. “This can’t be serious, surely.”

“Poor baby,” another said.

“BUT WHY?!” someone else questioned.

“This feels illegal,” said another.

Hair inside the razor (left) and hair being washed down the sink (right).
Others online were upset the woman washed 'the most precious thing' down the sink. Source: TikTok

TikTokers claim there is 'nothing wrong with this'

But some were said other people were overreacting.

“I never understand why people care so dramatically when someone else cuts/shaves their own baby’s hair,” one person wrote.

Others suggested that the practice could be due to cultural or religious reasons.

“It’s a custom in some countries and it doesn’t hurt the baby,” someone said.

“People getting mad but in some religions it brings luck to shave it and donate the weight in silver,” another added.

“There’s nothing wrong with this,” someone said.

Reasons why people may shave a baby's head

While others suggested that shaving a baby’s head would improve their quality of hair.

“It grows back thicker,” one person wrote. “Stop stressing!”

“I did this to my son when he was a baby because his hair was all patchy,” another explained. “He had the best hair out of all of my children.”

But many dismissed the claim.

“That’s a myth,” a user slammed. “The hair follicle is subcutaneous and unaffected by the act of shaving.”

“Surely everyone knows now that cutting/shaving hair doesn’t make it grow back any faster or different,” another said. “Come on.”

A link on Urara Babystuff's bio takes users to a website selling the 'Baby Hair Groomer'.

The product is described as being "safe and reliable" with a special design to protect a child's delicate skin from scratches and cuts.

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