Baby monitor health warning

Baby monitors 'harming children' says Australian researcher

An Australian author has stirred up debate on whether or not baby monitors are safe, claiming they emit dangerous radiation.

They are designed to keep baby safe while mum and dad are away from the nursery, but Donna Fisher believes wireless monitors could be doing more harm than good.

In a new book, she claims the electromagnetic field they emit can contribute to health problems, like chronic fatigue, nausea and cancer.

She is also concerned the exposure can increase the risk of SIDS and autism.

So concerned by the health impacts, she is calling for a nationwide ban on wireless monitors and wants them removed from the shelves.

"Experts have likened having a wireless baby monitor in the bedroom like having a mobile phone antenna station in the bedroom; It's the same radiation," Mrs Fisher said.

The monitors use Wi-Fi to communicate but the electromagnetic levels are lower than Australian standards.

Dr Mark Gregory, RMIT senior technology lecturer, said: "Australia has very conservative guidelines on the emissions that can occur from mobile devices or Wi-Fi and for this reason, we should not be concerned about dangerous side effects."

The government agency for radiation protection says there is no clear evidence on whether exposure to magnetic fields is a hazard, but a large number of scientific studies have not found a health risk.

The best way to reduce any risk is to move the monitor a safe distance away from the crib.