Baby Hedgehog Rescued by 'Well-Meaning' Woman Turns Out to Be a Pom-Pom

The funny discovery was made at a wildlife hospital in Cheshire, England, who have now named the pom-pom 'Hoglet'

<p>Kennedy News and Media</p> The pom-pom next to its bowl of food

Kennedy News and Media

The pom-pom next to its bowl of food

A wildlife hospital just solved a hilarious case of mistaken identity.

On Thursday, a woman brought in a baby hedgehog to the Lower Moss Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital in Cheshire, England — only to be told it wasn’t an animal in need but a beanie hat pop-pom.

The caring woman had picked up the 'hedgehog' from the side of the road after she noticed it “hadn’t moved or pooped all night,” reported U.K. newspaper The Independent.

“From a distance, you take it at face value. She didn’t handle it at all — she scooped it in a box with some cat food and left it alone in a warm, dark place,” veterinarian Janet Kotze, who was on shift at the time, told the outlet

“She did everything so well. She barely peeked at it because she didn’t want to stress it out.”

<p>Kennedy News and Media</p> The pom-pom in its box

Kennedy News and Media

The pom-pom in its box

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Kotze described the woman who made the rescue to be in her “sixties or seventies” with “well-meaning” intentions. She said she knew immediately when presented with the box containing the ‘hedgehog’ what it actually was. 

“It was pretty obvious to us but I can also see how she was mistaken,” she recalled. “She said, ‘You’re joking! Oh my goodness, how did I do that?’ ”

“She was so concentrated on doing the right thing. She was concerned it hadn’t moved or even pooed — that would be spooky if it had,” Kotze added.

Getty Images/Brandi Ediss A real-life hedgehog
Getty Images/Brandi Ediss A real-life hedgehog

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The wildlife hospital wrote of the rescue attempt on Facebook, “Our hearts melted as a kind soul thought she was rescuing a baby hedgehog,” as they jokingly nicknamed the pop-pom ‘hoglet.’

Despite the mistake, the reserve shared that the “adorable” new visitor “still got all the love, complete with some cozy TLC.”

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“Remember, kindness knows no bounds, even when it's to a faux furry friend! 🐾,” the wildlife hospital added while highlighting the importance of rescuing hedgehogs in vulnerable situations.

“Please remember, if you spot a hedgehog out during the day, it's a sign something's not right. Pop them in a box with a warm source and seek help from your local vets. Let's keep our prickly friends safe!”

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