Baby cries next to slain mother in the chaos following Brussels airport bombings

Heartbreaking footage from the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks has surfaced, revealing a distraught baby crying over the body of its mother.

The footage, aired by CNN, makes for difficult viewing.

The infant can be seen sitting amid the rubble and the violence, howling helplessly as the cries of other victims ring throughout the building.

A taxi driver who entered the Zaventem Airport reportedly shot the video shortly after suicide bombers attacked on Tuesday.

With another bombing at a Brussels train station, the attacks left at least 31 dead and more than 200 injured.

The stark footage reveals a scene of complete devastation within the airport.

Spots of flames can be seen surrounded by wreckage.

The first suicide bomber struck at 7:58 am in the departure hall at Zaventem airport, followed nine seconds later by a second bomber, federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said.

Both men had been captured moments before on security cameras pushing trolleys with dark bags through the busy airport.

A man wearing a dark hat and white jacket walking next to them is believed to be a third assailant whose bomb failed to go off and who fled the scene.

The bombs killed and maimed many, causing part of the terminal building's ceiling to cave in and shattering windows.

As bomb defusal experts arrived later, a third explosion tore through the evacuated airport but wounded no-one.

The bomb was in an abandoned bag and contained more explosives than the other two bags, suggesting many more people could have died had it detonated earlier.

Just after 9am, a suicide bomber struck in Maalbeek metro station, just a few hundred metres from the main EU offices and many diplomatic missions.

The explosion ripped apart a train in the station, and witnesses said they saw clouds of smoke and dust coming out of the station, with many people lying by the road with bloodied faces and limbs.