Baby born with bullet wound after mum shot in road rage attack

A baby was delivered in a Memphis hospital with a bullet wound to the body after its mother was shot during an apparent road rage incident.

The mother, who was 36 weeks pregnant, was a passenger in her boyfriend's car, which was travelling on the Interstate 40 when a Chevrolet Impala began tailgating them, reports.

As the car tried to get away, the Chevrolet pulled up alongside and began firing several rounds into the car, hitting the pregnant 19-year-old three times in her right hip.

The couple were driving along the Interstate 40 when their car was peppered with bullets. Source: Getty

She was rushed to hospital and into surgery for her bullet wounds and to deliver her baby.

After the baby's birth, doctors discovered the baby had also been shot in utero.

The mother is not in a life-threatening condition but her baby is in critical condition, the Memphis Police Department stated.

It is not known if the incident was a targeted attack or an instance of unprovoked road rage, but reports that it is the second shooting along the sam section of the Interstate 40 in a week.