Baby Asha's mother questioned after claims child was 'purposely burnt' to get into Australia

The mother of baby Asha has been questioned by police after it was claimed she admitted the girl was purposely burnt to get into Australia.

The Courier Mail reports Queensland police interviewed the mother after an Immigration Department guard alleged that she had said Asha was purposely hurt to get her out of detention in Nauru.

The mother refuted the allegations when she was interviewed at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital on Friday.

This has sparked a child protection notification from Queensland’s Department of Child Safety.

Police also intended to interview the girl’s father, but cancelled once she was released from hospital into community detention.

Queensland police have reportedly forwarded the details of their investigation to Nauru officials.

It’s believed doctors do not believe that baby Asha was purposely hurt.

The baby girl was transferred to Australia for medical treatment for burns from hot liquid.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has not revealed why police were involved or how the baby was hurt.

The case tugged at the heartstrings of the community.

Doctors refused to release the baby if she was to be returned to Nauru, fuelling protests by refugee advocates outside the hospital.