Azealia Banks accused of racism for social media diss against 'fruity K-pop weirdos'


Rapper Azealia Banks is being accused of being racist against BTS' Jungkook and the entire K-pop industry due to the remarks she made on an Instagram story.

What made the fans upset: Banks ignited a social media firestorm with her series of Instagram stories on Nov. 10, about the recently leveled allegations at A$AP Rocky. She brought up how the rapper is accused of acts of violence but has not faced any consequences. While expressing her love of Chris Brown, she asked if “we” could now get rid of “fruity K-pop weirdos.”

“Sidebar: now that we are done pretending Chris Brown isn’t the most important artist of this decade can we all pretty please tell these fruity K-pop weirdos to get out of here with their ghost white bleach booties and trash Michael Jackson choreo? The K-pop boy bands are just a bunch of twerkin twinks.”

Social media uproar: BTS fans, collectively known as ARMYs, quickly took to social media to express their disapproval, accusing Banks of racism and xenophobia. Many felt the comments were directed at Jungkook's recent solo debut album, GOLDEN, particularly the music video for the title track, "Standing Next to You."

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Many fans, unfamiliar with Banks before this incident, have accused her of seeking attention, being a "clout chaser" and jealous of Jungkook's recent success.

"Another clout chaser," a commenter wrote. "Damn being an army is not easy bro."

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"Who is this Azealia banks?" another chimed in. "And the audacity to call herself Jungkook. Bro Jungkook isn't a jealous, attention seeker like you."

Others pointed out that her discography does not match the recent surge in streams experienced by Jungkook.

"Azelia Banks latest single 'DILEMA' has now surpassed 599,549 streams on Spotify," a Twitter user wrote. "Now it just needs 13,330,212 streams to reach the numbers of the last streamed song on Jungkook’s 8 days old album “GOLDEN.”

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Some fans even highlighted that BTS has a positive relationship with Jackson's family.

History of controversy: The incident adds to Banks' history of controversial remarks and confrontations. Among the most recent incidents include her public dispute with Troye Sivan, in which many accused her of transphobia and homophobia. In 2019, she also went after Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and accused him of being a Chinese spy.


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