Axelrod on Charlamange tha God mocking Democrats: ‘He has a point’

Democratic strategist David Axelrod said Charlamagne tha God “has a point” after the radio host criticized Democrats and their messaging strategies.

Axelrod joined CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” Thursday, where he argued Democrats may need to be more authentic with their voter base.

Tapper played a clip of Charlamagne on “The Daily Show” in which he said Democrats need a messaging makeover and could learn from Republicans on how to “talk like real people.”

“Democrats have a problem. It’s not their policies. It’s not their fundraising,” Charlamagne said, later adding that the problem is “how they talk” because “nobody wants to hear the normal politician voice anymore.”

Charlamagne said former President Trump’s message “is terrible,” but at least it’s clear: “Build a wall; lock her up; I hate sharks.”

Axelrod agreed with his argument.

“I think he has a point,” Axelrod said. “Well, first of all, authenticity is the coin of the realm in presidential politics.”

He said that one of the reasons why he believes Trump has gotten as far with voters as he has is because he speaks his mind.

“Nobody ever says ‘gee, I wish Donald Trump would speak his mind,’” Axelrod said.

“If you look at history, the more authentic candidate tends to win,” he said. “Joe Biden has his own authenticity but sometimes he speaks in the language of Washington.”

Axelrod said that President Biden, who is from Scranton, Pa., has that “Scranton chip on his shoulder,” but argued that after 36 years in the Senate, Biden may lose voters by talking politics.

Tapper said he has noticed Biden often quips with journalists and Axelrod agreed, but said that effort is misplaced and instead should be directed toward constituents.

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