Shocking spider mistake leaves Sydney woman in hospital: 'Emotional wreck'

A shoe is not an uncommon tool to combat a rogue spider, but one Sydney woman had the tables turned when her high heel shoe ended up stabbing her in the foot while trying to squash the hairy intruder.

When Alyssa Lambert, 25, spotted the arachnid making itself comfortable in her bedroom, she decided deploying a bit of bug spray was the best way to handle the situation.

Moments later as she stood on her bed trying to get the spider, she jumped off in fright. When she landed on the ground below, it was pure agony.

The next thing she knew, Ms Lambert was on her bedroom floor with the 7cm heel of her shoe stuck in her foot, not realising it had been lying beneath her as she jumped.

Alyssa Lambert pictured in hospital with a green whistle after chasing a spider resulted in an accident.
It didn't quite go according to plan for Alyssa Lambert. Source: TikTok

"I was just in shock," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"My housemate rang the ambulance and I was freaking out they're not going to take me seriously."

"[I was] standing on my bed to try spray it when it fell on the floor," she explained.

"I started spraying it and it was running around all over the unit and then it jumped towards me. And I freaked out leaped off the bed."

An X-ray of Alyssa lambert's foot showing the heel through the foot near the big toe from trying to kill the spider.
4.5cm of the heel was stuck in Alyssa Lambert's foot. Source: Supplied

4.5cm of shoe left stuck in her foot

Immediately realising something was wrong, her housemate rang an ambulance as she couldn't move while the shoe's heel was still in her foot.

When paramedics arrived, they had to wrap her foot and hold the heel in place while carrying her down the stairs and into the ambulance.

When she arrived at the hospital, her foot was X-rayed, revealing 4.5cm of the heel had impaled in her extremity.

"They were like 'You've done a really good job. Put it that way'," she recalled the doctors saying. "'[We] don't see any bone damage, but you have done a really good job'.

"At this point, I started to get a bit emotional and realised I'll probably need surgery."

Lying down with foot out in front wrapped in bandages to hold a black high heel shoe in place that is lodged in a woman's foot.
Ms Lambert is recovering well post-surgery. Source: Supplied

Ms Lambert was taken into surgery that night to remove the heel, saying when she woke up the pain had largely gone.

"I was just an emotional wreck and still in shock [but] was much better," she said.

Luckily for Ms Lambert, just over two weeks after the accident happened her foot is healing well.

"The stitches have come out and I can start walking next week," she said. "I was preparing for the worst [so] that was just music to my ears."

Although happy she'll be back to walking normally soon, Ms Lambert will reassess her spider hunting tactics in the future and stick to wearing flat shoes for a while.

"I still freak out whenever I see a little dot or something and I think it's a spider," she admitted. "and I’ll be making sure my floor is clean."

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