The Most Awkward Moments That Unfolded At The 2024 Grammy Awards

1. 21 Savage's lack of energy on the red carpet.

E! News / Twitter: @brilewerke

2. Michael Trotter Jr. told a reporter how he thought his wife, fellow War and Treaty singer Tanya Trotter, was going to divorce him before their Best New Artist Grammy nomination.

"It's been so emotional because there's been several days where I thought she was gonna divorce me"
E! News

3. Killer Mike was reportedly arrested after winning three awards.

Killer Mike smiling and holding three Grammys

The reason for the arrest is unclear. BuzzFeed has reached out to reps for Mike for comment.

Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

4. The Recording Academy had everyone thinking Nicki Minaj had finally earned her first Grammy, just for it to be an accident.

Tweet from the Recording Academy congratulating Nicki for winning a Best Rap Song Grammy for "Barbie World"

5. Miley Cyrus called out the crowd for not singing along to "Flowers."

Miley onstage saying "Why you acting like you don't know this song?!"

6. Bebe Rexha burst out singing opera on the red carpet.

Close-up of Bebe with her eyes closed and a microphone up to her face
E! News

7. Trevor Noah publicly shamed TikTok over the drama with Universal Music Group.

Bravo / Twitter: @SoulBounce

8. SZA took forever to come out after winning an award. Like, people started looking for her.

9. Jay-Z called out the Recording Academy's voting record while being honored by the organization.

Jay-Z onstage with his daughter Blue Ivy

10. Beyoncé made this very stoic face when he did.

Beyoncé standing in the audience wearing a Western-style hat

11. Kacey Musgraves was so far away from the mic while presenting that you couldn't really hear her.

Kacey onstage some distance from the standing mic

12. Travis Scott started raging and destroyed his set.

Travis onstage beating the stage with a chair

13. Beyoncé was seen "hiding" when Fantasia was looking for someone to dance with during Fantasia's Tina Turner tribute.

Twitter: @gooonicorn

14. Fans thought Taylor Swift was rude to Celine Dion...

Twitter: @christress

15. ...but then they realized that all seemed well after this photo of them emerged.

Taylor smiling and hugging Céline
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for the Recording Academy

16. And finally, Victoria Monét was cut off during her acceptance speech.

Did you notice any other awkward moments during the show? Tell me in the comments below and check out more of our Grammys coverage here!