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PHOTO: Getty
PHOTO: Getty

Remember those days when we came home with our luggage packed with beauty buys from Japan? It is especially gratifying when said products are not available back home. Now that shopping in Japan is but a hazy memory, there’s still cause for joy. LITS, a newly launched Japanese brand in Singapore, is bringing a total of 18 products to our shores – many of which are beauty award winners.

But let’s be honest. There’s a sea of beauty products in the market that promise to do wonderful things for our skin. And while we are not complaining about the wide range of choices we have here in Singapore (thank you, globalisation!), we often need some help deciding which new products to add to our beauty shelf.

What’s unique about LITS?

Two things that stand out for LITS beauty products are its scientifically backed, clinically-tested stem cell technology and accolades.

According to Mr Marcus Ang, General Manager, Alphico Marketing Pte Ltd, “LITS is the first skincare brand in Singapore that uses Plant Stem Cell Technology to improve skin condition at the stem cell level, which is a major breakthrough compared to conventional skincare products that focuses on supplementing hyaluronic acid and collagen in your skin. In Japan, clinical studies on LITS users showed favourable results and this is reaffirmed by local testers who have seen visible results with continued use.”

Since its inception in 2009, LITS has established itself as a ‘dermatologist-approved, media endorsed', popular skincare brand in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Indeed, several LITS products, 6 to be exact, have been raved in the Japanese beauty industry, such as LDK Japanese Magazine, LIPS Japanese Magazine, Rakuten Shopping portal, VoCE Japanese Magazine, LDK Hall of Fame Award 2021.

PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare (White series)
PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare (White series)

So what exactly are stem cells, and what can they do for my skin?

Let’s break it down here. Stem cells are regarded as essential cells for human well-being, and plant stem cells can boost, strengthen and protect our skin stem cells. Our skin works by a continuous renewal process activated by the skin stem cells located deep within the epidermis and dermis. Simply put, stem cells improve skin turnover and increase collagen and elastin production, which keeps the skin elastic and plump looking. However, with age comes lower stem cells production, which in turn decreases our skin regeneration abilities.

Here’s the interesting part: LITS Stem Cell Technology’ adopts a two-pronged “offensive” and “defensive” approach to skin rejuvenation. The “offence” of the deeper dermal stem cells help boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid while supporting the “defence” of epidermal stem cells in our skin’s metabolism and cell turnover.

It sounds like we are on to a good thing. But, how do we pick and choose what suits our skin? No matter their purported skin-loving ingredients and clinically-tested technology, products that work for your BFF may not necessarily be right for you.

PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare
PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare (Moist series)

LITS’ three product series address everyday skin needs: MOIST series to restore, boost and retain skin moisture levels; WHITE series to brighten dull skin and add radiance; while the REVIVAL series combat signs of ageing tackling wrinkle concerns.

Here are the top 6 products inducted into the Beauty Halls of Fame in Japan that are worth trying. 

LITS Moist Lotion, 190ml

Award: LDK Hall of Fame Award 2021 by LDK Japanese magazine

Voted as Japan's No. 1 Moisturizing Lotion for two consecutive years, this product underwent unbiased blind tests; delivers intense moisture and nourishment to the deepest layers of the skin. Its unique blend of plant-derived stem cells ingredients (Swiss apple & comfrey root stem cells). The result? Ultra-hydrated, smooth, firm skin with smaller-looking pores.

Clinical research has shown that it can increase skin's moisture levels to 400% after 1 hour and 200% after 24 hours. This result is probably thanks to its formulation using three types of ceramides, two kinds of collagen and hyaluronic acid, to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and counteract moisture loss.

Best of all, there’s zero fragrances, colourants, mineral oils, parabens, or alcohol added.

LITS Moist Milk Essence, 100ml

Awards: No. 1 LIPS Cosme Award 2021 by LIPS Japanese magazine & No. 1 VoCE Cosme Award 2021 by VoCE Japanese magazine

Made with a moisture-intense blend of plant-derived stem cells ingredients (Swiss apple & comfrey root stem cells), the LITS Moist Milk Essence is a 2-in-1 milk lotion and essence formulation. This milky essence contains two types of collagen, ceramide and macadamia oil, to nourish, protect and strengthen your skin's natural barrier, giving the skin a moist and plump look.

LITS Moist Perfect Rich Gel

(A-rated Award)

Award: LDK the Beauty Award 2021 by LDK Japanese magazine

LITS Moist Perfect Rich Gel, a 6-in-one moisturiser that boasts six different functions - lotion, serum, milk lotion, cream, face pack and base makeup; is a true winner. Goodbye bothersome 6-step Korean skincare routine, hello 1-step LITS Moist Perfect Rich Gel! Think of the time saved, the convenience and how it will help in your repeated half-hearted attempts at decluttering. Marie Kondo, anyone? Infused with plant-derived stem cells (Swiss apple & comfrey root stem cells) and two types of collagen, this formulation promises to restore, replenish, and retain the skin’s moisture.

PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare
PHOTO: LITS Japanese skincare (Revival series)

LITS Revival Stem 7 Cream, 50g

(Best Buy Award and No. 1 Award)

Award: LDK the Beauty Award 2021 by LDK Japanese magazine

Imagine a potent blend of seven plant-derived stem cell ingredients packed in tiny capsules that burst onto your skin only upon application. The LITS Revival Stem 7 Cream's exceptional hydrating properties accelerate natural skin stem cell production. No wonder it won the "Best Buy" and the "No. 1" awards conferred by LDK Japanese magazine.

LITS Revival Moisture Hyaluronic Acid Booster Ball, 6s

Award: No. 1 Rakuten Award 2020 by Rakuten shopping portal

Sometimes, the packaging of a product is enough to get us to buy it. And when the product delivers, it’s a win-win. Each booster ball, made using freeze-drying technology, is equivalent to nine bottles worth of serum. Packed with high concentrations of hydrolysed collagen, apple stem cells and hyaluronic acid, these booster balls deliver moisture deep into the skin and restore skin firmness and elasticity. Clinical tests show 48-hour moisture retention.

LITS Revival EGF+ Overnight Serum, 20g

Award: No. 1 Rakuten Award 2020 by Rakuten shopping portal

If serums are not part of your skincare routine, you are missing out. Voted Rakuten’s No. 1 beauty essence, LITS EGF+ Overnight Serum is an anti-ageing booster serum that reportedly repairs your skin with nourishing ingredients during the first 3 hours of sleep – the golden hours when your skin’s regeneration capabilities are at their optimum levels.

The key ingredient, EGF (epidermal growth factor), stimulates skin growth at the cellular level, enhancing dermal & epidermal stem cell activity, thereby accelerating skin regeneration. Combined with LITS’ Plant Stem Cell Technology, this serum (for use only once every night) helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and prevents pigmentation while enhancing the skin’s hydration levels.

LITS Skincare retails at selected Guardian stores and Japanese Specialty Stores such as Don Don Donki and Welcia-BHG.

Special deals abound at Guardian: Enjoy select LITS products at 25% off and Free Gift with Purchase. 

Prices start from S$19.90 (LITS Revival Stem Power Shot Mask 3s) to S$59.50 (LITS Revival EGF+ Overnight Serum 20g). 

Take advantage of the ongoing 9.9 sales and shop LITS beauty products at Lazada and Shopee.

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