Avid golfer drives Maserati onto Watsons Bay beach for a game

A keen golfer has decided against using a golf buggy instead driving his luxury car into the ultimate sand trap at Camp Cove Beach on Tuesday morning.

After pulling up onto the sand he pulled out his clubs.

While Watsons Bay is the home of sparkling beaches and Maseratis, locals didn't expect the two to converge in this way.

The golfer drove up onto the sand on Camp Cove Beach. Photo: 7 News
The car was eventually towed away. Photo: 7 News

Witness Sam James said the man said there was no sign that said you couldn't park on the beach.

"So he decided he was going to do something different and he did," Mr James said.

The man than played golf, entertaining locals couldn't get enough of the spectacle, watching a man go from one hazard to the next, to the next, as police turned up.

"Making noises, being a bit of a pain, trying to disturb everything, his car stuck there.

"Police rocked up, he was being a bit pushy with the police and the police police pushed him back," Mr James said.

Witness said the man was disturbing the peace on the beach. Photo: 7 News

Officers did manage to calm him down eventually.

The 51-year-old is unemployed, but still doing alright, with a Maserati as his golf cart, even if it was unregistered.

The problem was removing the car from the beach, it had become stuck and had to be towed.

It was taken away and so was the avid golfer off for a check-up at St Vincent's Hospital.